Mustard Seeds..

mustard patchAh, my crop of Mustard plants did great this year, fresh itty bitty spicy mustard greens for salads, then strong hot ones for cooked greens, or add in to soups, stews or stirfries..

Then came the flowers, we had problems with knock down this year but given that the plants grew upwards of six feet high, It was expected in the heavy winds and rains..

But hubby has collect box`s of them for me to process when I get home.. I am very hopeful that I will get a min of 2 quart jars of them, anything more then that, and its just gravy

I will take photos of process of shelling but its pretty basic folks, thousands of tiny black-brown mustard seeds..

Some will be used for mustards, lots will be used for sprouting or micro-greens over the winter, a goodly amount will be used a green cover crop in garden area`s and last but not least the rest will be used for next season`s seed box..

Ah, but I forgot something didn`t I.. at least some will be gifted as free seed in some way..

PS, Also have lots of Radish pods to do as well..

Did you grow Mustard this year, if so for greens only, for cover crop only, did you seed save or use it in the house..



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4 Responses to Mustard Seeds..

  1. Sheri says:

    I have seen Mustard crops grown out in the Skagit Valley and it does naturalize in some areas, mostly on fence lines, but I’ve never seen it harvested, dried and processed or made into anything. I was not even aware it was used in sprouting or as a cover crop. Can’t wait to see your post on this one!

  2. Bill says:

    We’re growing mustard greens as usual. But I grow a lot less than we used to grow. I like them, but my wife doesn’t and very few customers want them. I’ve never tried to save the seed.

  3. canadiandoomer says:

    I didn’t – but I really want to grow mustard next year. If any of your seed makes it this way, I promise to see how well in grows in NS highlands! 😀

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