Pulled in different ways..

The last couple days have been very interesting, in some ways things are settling down into a routine at my mom`s, we deal with something in the `business`end of things pretty much daily, we keep house, work our way though a closet, or area of the house, the phone never seems to stop ringing and the company comes lots, which means stopping for both.

At the same time, we have been driving out to the farm to get it ready for fall, look after the horse`s, (which are now moved to the winter digs) and we have brought the farm cat Netta back to town with us..

It was awesome.. for the past two weeks, I have been splitting my time between my mom`s and my dad`s farm..  and while hubby is doing a awesome job, I am still doing some things long distance for him as well.

So being able to finish at my dad`s meant that I can focus more getting the rest of the stuff done at mom`s, outside, I have put her square foot gardens to bed, but for her big garden, I still need to empty the big composter and till her garden and prepare it for next year.

I need to cut the grass one more time, and do the yard clean up and put the rest away for winter time, I am trying to get all the extra things need to be done before I leave to head back to the farm

The farm is moving along, a new litter of ten buns born last week, my last fall litter, I will breed two more litters after I get home, hubby had quite the surprise. In the ten years we have been on the farm, we have had a lot of feline drop off`s  but never have we had a dog till just recently.

hubby hit the alarm and let the dogs out, they like to bark in morning happiness and the van barked back.. HUH

A young black with a tiny bit of white border collie X that was hiding under our van, hubby rounded up our hounds and coo`d him out..  as he needed to get to work that day, he got in contact with a local lady who does a lot of dog rescue -help and she took him in.. she will do all the footwork in regards to shelter contact etc

I know that I if I had been home, it would have gone down differnet, like hubby I would not have turned him over to the local country pound, they have a VERY  short keep time and they are a active kill shelter, so I would have done the footwork, the flyers and then either, I would have had a new young dog for the first time on the farm in years or I would have worked to find a new home or with a breed rescue till foster or rehome.

O well, I was not home.. so be it

Hubby did good making sure he got the best chance for a rehome.

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2 Responses to Pulled in different ways..

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Border Collie cross? Hmm, perhaps she’d be able to hang on to him, until you get home?

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