The ability to Shift..

Want to know what I think is the secret to successful small homesteading..  I honestly think it comes down to two huge things

1) being some of the most stubborn folks you will ever have the pleasure or displeasure of meeting! I mean we can stick like gumbo mud baby when we want to..


2) the ability to know when to change.. to float.. to take the risks, to dream what can be.. to know that to change is NOT failure, that sometimes even when its working, you can stop doing it, even when you are successful at X, does not mean that you can`t shift to Y.

Both of those skills come from the ability to have a rock solid belief in yourself.. I read a lot of blogs, ok I read a few blogs these days but over the past ten years I have read a lot of blogs, followed some for a few weeks, some for a few months and some for years now.

Those that struggle the most (not those that have a health issue or a fire or something outside the norm) tend to still look outside themselves for the pat on the back..

Those homesteaders or small holders as very few folks truly homestead, are still living by the `working`system, they look at the farm as their job and they take the feedback from blogs, from books, from friends and family, like its feedback from that world as well

Now don`t get me wrong, blog feedback is great, LOVE IT, but I rarely seek it for what should we do on the farm.

Those folks really struggle, I don`t want to make as simple as to say they have not found themselves yet.. but if you made me try and say it in a single sentence, that would be the one I would choose.

I have always been very blessed in that I `live in the moment` I can make myself look back or forward, I have been trained to see the big picture but my natural headspace is `right now`to be in the right now, to feel the right now..

Its normally very peaceful in the right now.. not always.. sometimes the now is darn right mean but most of the time.. the now is a good place to be.

Lately I have been forced to spend more time in the past and the future, then I normally do..  I find myself craving the `now`


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3 Responses to The ability to Shift..

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    In spite of everything else that’s been going on, just glad to see you getting a chance (taking the time out?) and sitting down to write.

  2. Sheri says:

    Great post and do know that you are in thought and prayers. I hope your foot is feeling much better! Cheers!

  3. canadiandoomer says:

    Well, I’ve got #1 down pat. 🙂 I can be about as determined as a badger with lockjaw.

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