Makin do with what you got..

Me.. ah, hon, those “bush beans” are sure looking like climbers..

Him.. ok

Me.. do we need anything to build a climber fence for them..

Him.. just time..

Bang, Bang, saw, saw.. walks by with a shovel, heads out into the bush pile.. come back dragging small tree’s..

Comes in house, gets Camera.. come back give to me..

an Voila..

2013-01-01 2517 (500x261)

Not bad for a bit of time, scrub brush cuttings and some baler twine..

2013-01-01 2520 (500x436)

They can climb up it and cover it all an if needed, we can add a couple more shorts for extra weight if needed..

2013-01-01 2519 (375x500)

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4 Responses to Makin do with what you got..

  1. Sheri says:

    Good job! I love “simple” and recycling. Huuummmmmm…..When did you plant this bean batch? My beans are just about to expire except for one latter planting that is growing up my blackberries. I lost a big part when the new deer fence went in a week ago along with my pumpkins, but I do love that fence and the poles were all salvaged from a gentleman who was tossing them at the dump!

    • those ones are three week along, you can tell on the left side that they didn’t mind the onions growing on the sides, but the right half didn’t like the chicory much, the beans will be nice and high by the time the root veggies that we planted on aug long at the outside edges

  2. Marie-Hélène says:

    It’s pretty to boot too!

  3. verla sharp says:

    Good job Jason. It reminds me of the ones your father made in our acreage garden!

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