Its the little things..

It really is the little things that I find surprise me..

Until it hurts and you notice it.. so many things I never notice..

Like, my wonderful hounds love to sleep on or near my feet, they like to lean, they like to have that connect to me, they sleep by me.. I normally love this.. but now when they go to sleep on my foot.. ow!, and if they sleep by it but then lean in, ow! and even if they back up enough to not be touching me (which they hate), they sleep in a warm furry piles around me, and when I step down, there they are.. and normally, I Would just adjust and step to the side or over them. but I can’t and they will move for me and for my cane but you can see the “huh” as they do it..

Like Stairs.. I mean I do stairs all the time, even on my main floor there is one step up and down between the living room and the kitchen, I must do that stair 50 time a day, never really thinking of it, other then to sometimes during the week to stop and use it as a workout step up.. but now, stairs, stairs and more stairs, stairs to get down to the basement living area, stair to up and down between the living room and the kitchen, stairs down tot he cellar, stairs to get up to the second floor bedrooms and five stairs to get up or out of the house! Wow..

Like Balance.. sounds like a simple thing, its not.. balance to sit down, Balance to walk, Balance to lean over and do things, I have lost the ability to do basic things, like pickup from the ground, to lean over to close things if I don’t step into it properly and if I reach to far, I unbalance enough that I will fall forward.. my hubby says he is going to get me one of those claw picker uppers.. ok then..

Like the ability to walk on uneven ground, do you know that other then the floors in my house, everywhere on my farm is uneven ground, I never even think about it, I mean to be fair other folks have said to me, your lawn is not level or even and I just kinda raise a eyebrow and go.. hmmm but right now, wow.. every where I walk, everywhere I try and put my foot down, uneven and its really effects my current length of time I can be up and on my foot.. I have the ablity to be up about 3 to 5x longer on flat even footing over uneven.

You get my drift here.. I know that its temp but its giving m a whole new look at how folks that struggle with different things must feel on a day to day basis..

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2 Responses to Its the little things..

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Know EXACTLY what you mean about the “not noticing a body part, until it’s injured” thing… (and then, it seems like you’re banging it ALL the time!): But hang in there; it IS healing and “this too shall pass…” MORE hugs: )

  2. LuckyRobin says:

    This is one of the reasons why when we buy our new house I am insisting on one level. My knee just can’t handle doing stairs too often anymore.

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