It was a grand time

Once a year for the past few years, I plan a get together not quite like others, its a gathering of like minded folks that have meet though the net.. its both exciting and scary to a point of making a day long event for what is in effect strangers.

This is the third year and point in fact, both on the second year and the third, we had a number of folks come back year to year, so that makes things a easier as I do know someone at least 🙂

Also as its the third year, we have a much better idea of what to expect in someways but not always, the feel of the group and the flex of the group always changes the talks, seminars even just the visiting.

This year was hard because of the broken foot, I didn’t get my regular prep done, I forgot things that I normally would not, I was one of the last speakers and things that would normally roll of my tongue when it comes to knowledge were sticking 🙂

Still overall, it went so much better then I expected, I did make the whole day, I was grateful for everyone’s help, just little things really made a difference in respect to not getting up again on some things.

It is always nice to meet new folks both from close and far that come to the day long get together, I have no doubt at all that there will be a fourth one..

It got me thinking about new things, like ham radio, what a interesting presentation that was, great idea and set up.. I meet a some really great new folks, some of which I expect we will keep in touch in other ways and it brought someone who I had lost touch with back into my world.. It was so nice to get to have a visit..

So have you done it.. have you meet folks over the net, in a local group and with just that “ONE” thread to connect you, taken that plunge and gone to meet a person or people cold turkey.. did you love it, hate it, sat there in a stunned o my.. or did you meet someone who turned out to be a great friend.

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2 Responses to It was a grand time

  1. Sheri says:

    I’ve connected and made friends through social networking. Most have a common interest of organic gardening, sustainable living and politics. It’s wonderful because I’m a late 50’s Grandma home-body and live a very simple life on an island.

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Hm, let me see…
    Ha! LOL!! Yeah, I’d say that it’s worked out pretty well… Wouldn’t you?; )
    And you’re still a mover and a shaker; even if you do have a broken foot: )

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