March Challange 3rd- Garden-Mini -Zones

The winds are amazing today, and I have a few farm things to touch on before getting to my daily menu, and then on to my garden stuff.. So yesterday we had high winds, thankfully, very few things came down or was ruined in the wind, the big one being my huge purple martin bird house, its smashed beyond repair, and there are lots of little branches an a few med size one’s but overall, I am pleased with how the farm and buidings came though the very high winds we had.

The second thing of note is about the cows, Marty is now weaned, and I got to watch Girl do snow play, she was crazy about the new drifts and would lean down and play in them, she snow bathed her face and threw big peices in the air and had all kinds of fun with it.. I know that the hounds love to rub and roll in the snow but I honestly didn’t know that cow’s like to do so as well, I have never seen the sheep or goats do this.

Breakfast- Baking Powder Biscuit with a fried egg

Lunch- Roasted Chicken Sandwhich


Other-Water, Coffee, Mint Tea, Pickled Beets, Walnuts, Baked off Lamb Ribs, Shoulder Roast, and 2 pds of lamb stew meat, made fresh soft cheese.

Garden -Mini-Zones

The high winds had my nerves on edge yesterday and I tried to write a couple times but it just was not going to happen, I finally gave in and did my chicken sandwhich but as I checked and double checked things in the yard/garden, and my weights and tiedowns, it hit me.. Mini-Zones and wind patterns are a perfect topic for today..

When we are moving to knew places and or when we are planning gardens, we have a basic gardening zone given to us by the goverment, but that does not mean that is really all we have, we can naturally have an also create mini-zones, that are typically up to a full zone warmer then our typical zone is, on the flip side of that, you can have a low spot that will always get the first frosts..

Fences, buildings, and even different garden structures can all create mini-zones that you can take advantage of in where you choose to plant different things.

Then you can take things to the next level in creating mini zones by making instant cold frames, or row covers, these can make quite a difference to young tender plants in getting them started early or keeping productive plants going on the tail end of the garden season.

The big guns come out when you combine a cold frame that is topped with a hoop house, you can move a full two zones when you do it this way.

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2 Responses to March Challange 3rd- Garden-Mini -Zones

  1. Daisy says:

    We lost a good chunk of shingles in that wind yesterday, but I’m not complaining as it could have been worse. The guys decided getting up on the roof to nail them down would be a really awesome idea, and long story short my pig-headed father gave me quite a scare when he couldn’t catch his breath. The man refuses to acknowledge is limitations and other than physically restraining him there’s nothing I can do. And yes, I’m still mad about it.

    I agree with what you are saying about traditional hardiness zones and from my own experience would go so far as to say not to trust them at all. My whole area is at *least* a zone colder than what the maps say it is – no way to learn this except through trail, error and observation.

    • Hi Daisy, Sorry to hear about the shingles, and yes for heaven sakes everyone be careful!

      Wow, you are whole zone colder, I am half a zone to a full zone warmer then I should be, I swear its got to do with all the rivers and forest around me, I may be wet when it flood but dang that river loam soil can grow things like mad.

      I have been really surprised at how many things I can plant and grow that are for a zone better then me, having said that, I am planting things that are hear for many years with the ability to go either way, I try and put in things that can go down to Zone 3 and up to zone 6, pushing it really on both ends, that way, if we get really warm, I have thing that should thrive and if it gets good an cold (like my research says, we have had in the past in this area), I will lose some but will still get crops from the hardier ones. I know, I know.. i’m heding my bets..

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