Vanilla Sheep -Need a little help girl? -Sort of Graphic Birthing photos..

Vanilla sheep was found hanging out in front of a jug this morning with a huge bag,  and the starting show of labour, so into the jug she went as happy as a clam and we checked on her a number of times to see how it was all going, which was mainly resting, eating and a little cud chewing..Hubby saw this and watched quietly and waited..and then counted and waited, and then headed to the house for me..

So I headed to the barn to do my own eval, mom was not to stressed and was in active labour, she was pushing and we had a small amount of movement but by the third good hard steady push, she had laid down and did hard grunts, it was time to step in and give a helping hand, baby was in a very good birthing way, feet front and head correct, just a really big one is all.. Momma was not to happy to have me running a finger up and around to make sure things were set up correctly and to help get that second little foot out an eqaul to the first one..  then it was quiet, steady, and wait for the next push (I never! pull without the girls pushing) and just a little soft steady pull along with a good hard push down by Vanilla and out the big boy came.. I gave him a quick rub or two, made sure he took his first couple breaths and right up to momma’s front..

Come on little one, I don’t want to get in there unless momma is not doing her job and Vanilla is a very good mom, she started cleaning him up, and as she got busy, little guy started twitching, head bobbing and moving around..  Its always so amazing to me at just how fast these little guys are lifting their heads and starting the first stand up try.. I am sure that there is a twin waiting to come out in a little while , but so far things are looking really good, I will take a photo of this little one all dry and up on its feet tomorrow, I lost the light for photos it the barn. Dh just checked on them, baby was up and moved to the other side of the jug, all snug by the hay feeder with momma stuffing her face.. 

So what did you do this afternoon, I got to spend time in the barn, get my share birthing fluids on me and helped bring a little wee one into the world..


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5 Responses to Vanilla Sheep -Need a little help girl? -Sort of Graphic Birthing photos..

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Wow, nothing nearly as important as your day…
    Cooking up bacon: for Scrambled Eggs with onion, leeks, garlic and cheese; Caesar Salads and a bit batch of Cream of Celery Root Soup for supper (and freeze up for lunches). The house smells great with the soup pot simmering away and, now the stove’s cooled off enough, it’s time to clean out the wood ash again…

  2. calliek says:

    Midwife to sheep, I love it! I hope there is another healthy lamb in there too!

  3. Congrats on your new little one! 😀

  4. Lynn says:

    A perfectly beautiful day you had. And congrats to you — and Vanilla!!

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