Well the heat is good for drying the pea’s on the vine

Do you seed save from your garden? If you are thinking about it, I would recommend adding to your book collection Seed to Seed, Seed Saving and Growing Techniques for vegetable Gardeners by Suzanne Ashworth, its a very! good book to have for checking just how to do this or that for each type of seed..

I have been saving seed from my pea’s for a couple years now, I try and save enough seed for the next years planting “just in case” but the rest will in fact be replanted for my fall pea crop. Pea’s have got to one of the easist seed to save, they are can be left on the plants to dry out and dry down, in hot weather, I will let them dry on the plant, checking them daily, I want them dry, brown and rattling, but not quite ready to split and drop the pea’s to the ground, if that happens you waited just a touch to long, however being a pleasing plant, if its wet, you can still take off your fully grown hard and very starchy pea’s, if you bit into one, you want to spit it right back out, its no longer sweet or tasty at that point, but you can then take then and dry them on screens.

Pea’s seeds will retain 50% viability for three years if stored in a cool dry and dark conditions, its worth noting that Federal Germination standard for commercially sold seed is 80 percent, I have found that I have over close to a 100% percent germination if they are dried and then replanted within weeks for the second crop, and around 80 plus present if they are planted the next year, I have thankfully never had it as low as 50 Percent, but I have also not kept seed for up to three years without rotating seed.

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2 Responses to Well the heat is good for drying the pea’s on the vine

  1. Daisy says:

    I’m doing the same thing! Spinach too. When do you plant yours for the second crop?

    • Hi Daisy

      I find that the night temps drop back down in the first couple weeks of aug enough for me to plant again, its to hot right now to do so, but I will plant them where I can put a floating row cover over them if I need to later in the season.. Some years I can plant earlier then others depends in the weather.

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