How does your garden grow?

Gooseberries are finsished with a total this year of 38 cups, Strawberries are up to a over a hundred prepared cups(topped and sliced and measured) and currents still have a little to go but so far just under 20 cups of currents.

The first of our fresh new potato’s from the garden, I went to town the day before Canada day to get a bag of local potato’s and to my amazement, they were out of potato’s, I mean totally out, just a big empty space with a homemade sign that said out of stock. So came home looked in the farm book for the dates on our own potatos, and dug a hill up, and this is what I found.. two big, two med and four little ones, I love how you can eat them skin on, and they cook so fast compared to stored potato’s.

Tomato’s of all kinds are growing like mad, big ones, little ones, roma ones.. all loving the rain and the heat, there must be hundreds of green tomato’s in the garden at this point.

This is one of the melons in the hugelbeet, its coming along in growth but a while yet before, yes, I need to weed the bed 🙂 I think I will see flowers, however on my seed out cuc’s, I have flowers and tiny little cuc’s starting, which is awesome, soon it will be time to do some sweet bread and butter pickles.

Its been a good year for toads in the garden, I try and have a couple different homemade toad houses in and around the different area’s for them, I liked this handsome gentleman. is that not the most perfect smiling grumpy face 🙂

On the flower and herb front, I have been drying lots of Daylily flowers, enjoy so that they got their own post and tons of herbs, the one that is the striking right now is the BeeBalm, its a site to behold!

So, how is your garden this week? What you enjoying fresh? What are you perserving? What are you drying? What is your favorite flower of the week?

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4 Responses to How does your garden grow?

  1. Daisy says:

    Oh I just love the picture of the toad!! He does look like a grumpus. lol Our garden is finally starting to look like a garden, most everything came up in amounts I can at least be satisfied with, except the corn which is an absolute disaster. I think one whole bag of it was bad seed. Out of everything we planted that is the one thing I am going to sorely miss. 😦 So, we’ve been filling in the empty spots, been at it all weekend. Right now we’re just taking a break from the heat – it’s hot out there! Today we planted another 40 or so feet of potatoes just to use up old ones I had in the basement, and when I get back at it I’ll be putting in more watermelon, cukes, beets and whatever else I can find in my seed box with a short enough days to maturity to sneak in before frost. Sometime today too I’ll pick the last of the spinach, the first of the currents and some radishes. Getting excited about our raspberries, the canes are just loaded this year. Sure wish it would rain, though. Everything is as dry as a bone. Oh, and I keep finding the craziest things growing all over the place. I have about a bazillion volunteer squash plants growing where we planted the corn, over the winter I got lazy and just threw the yucky bits in there instead of walking down to the compost bin. Just letting them grow, free squash! And I found chard growing nowhere near where any grew last year…and none of it went to seed last year so that’s a big “huh?” I just wish we liked the stuff more because apparently you can’t kill it. 🙂

    • Hi Daisy,

      Thanks for the wonderful update on your garden and don’t you just love all the extra’s that grow, I am always amazed at how squash can just pop up and thrive in one year old compost piles, I have a number of extra’s that have shown up as well, it is always fun to see what kind or mix they will produce.

  2. Will says:

    Toad house? … Like ‘Wind in the Willows?

    • Hi Will

      I’m afraid my toads have nothing so fancy, they get different size tera cotta pots on their sides, with a bit of soil in the botton tucked into shady sheltered spots, with a small dish with a handfull of small rocks put in nearby that I fill up on the hot days, so they have a wee water source near the house, and that’s it.

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