What are you eating out of your garden?

Its that time of year, that you can always find ways to add or make a large amount of your meals out of your own garden.. there is nothing quite like the taste of  fresh organic food  that goes from garden to the dinner plate in a matter of minutes.

Starter: Roasted Pea Pods -With a touch of Sesame oil, and homemade Spruce Salt, fresh picked out of the garden, very lightly oil and salted and roasted in the oven at 375 till crisp about ten min, they are crunchy, and chewy with great flavor, DH didn’t like them, but I loved them! I found this idea on Mother’s Spice Rack Challange meals for Mint, I have linked above to the blog that posted how she did her’s.

Main course, From our Garden :A mix of greens (Romaine, Lettice, and Horseradish Greens, Radish Greens), Green onion, Fresh baby Pea’s, Cucumber, Dill, Fresh Radish  extra’s, Local Mushrooms and Cranberries, with a touch of mayo.

Dessert: Fresh Strawberries mixed with Kiwi.

What are you making to eat out of your garden? 

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8 Responses to What are you eating out of your garden?

  1. darqlabs says:

    i grow the essential herbs (Basil, Thyme, Sage, Rosemary) as well as some peppers and tomatoes. so i try to integrate something from my garden as often as i can.
    great post.

  2. Andrea says:

    We’re enjoying raspberries and blueberries in fresh fruit salads. Of course, tossed salads with spinach, radishes, onions and herbs. Kale will be ready to eat this week too.

    • Raspberries already, that’s amazing , mine are not even in bloom yet, what kind do you have? that they come on so early. Hmm, fresh kale, its so good, Do you ever make the dried Kale Chips?

      • Andrea says:

        I’ve never made kale chips, but I’ve heard they’re good.

        We grow black, red and yellow raspberries…I can’t recall the specific varieties. The black and yellow have been coming on for about a week or two, but the reds are only *just* beginning to ripen.

  3. CallieK says:

    I made an Italian wedding style soup today with chicken stock from the freezer and used a mix of mustard greens, baby kale, collard and brussel sprout leaves in place of spinach, threw in a handful of ziti pasta and stirred in an egg just before serving- it was very tasty!

    • That does indeed sound very tasty, those greens sound wonderful, I like Mustard Green and Collards, they are so good just wilted with a touch of lemon and garlic. I need to do something with my glut of eggs this week, I am up to about nine dozen or so in the fridge at the moment.. maybe some hard boiled eggs, some potato salad.

      • CallieK says:

        I wish you lived closer! I would so buy eggs from you- The Russian can eat a dozen a week easily but the good free range eggs run about $5 around here so I don’t buy them every week.

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