An Appple A Day

Here are just a few of the apples we grow on our little farm, we currently have four kinds of apples, plus crabapples. We also wild pick Apples and Crabapples locally, but we get most of our apples still from a local U -Pick up the road from us about ten min, they have over 30 kinds of apples, 5 pears, 4 Cherries, Rasberries and Grapes.

We are hoping to add in at least four more kinds of apples over the next while, I am amazed at the amount of kinds of apple’s that are now becoming more available for home use, so many different kinds compared to the stores, and even in the local farm stores, the different apples are becoming more available or at least they are locally, on average in Farm Boy, they have between ten to fifteen different ones to choose from year round.

So if you are trying to lose weight, you have most likely read in almost all books and on the websites etc, that you should eat whole apples, but I read something interesting in a book last year when it came to apples, and that was go to the store or U-Pick and buy or try every different kind of apple they have, and find the one’s you like.

Now I know that for me this seemed a hmmm, as a cook I know the difference between different types of apples and how they cook up and I personally like to have my apple sauce be 1/4 crab to 3/4 of apples, and I do like to mix up different apples types when making my homemade apple sauce, which we eat alot of over the winter.

But for eating apples, I figured that most? of the eating apples are mostly the same, boy was I wrong.. I can honestly say that it surprised me at how much diffence there was in mouth feel and taste among the different kinds of fresh eating apples.

If you get me the “wrong” apple, I will eat one or two and then not want to have apple, and will look at it and pass on it over an over again, till I cook it and use it up that way, but if I have the right apples in the house, I will seek them out, and have them for a mid-morning or afternoon snack..

So here is my question for you, have you tried out some of those different apples available to see if you like them better then the basic bag of apples? Give it a try, next time pick up four or five different apples and compare them to each other to figure out which ones really appeal to you.. my favorites are Honeycrisp and Gala

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2 Responses to An Appple A Day

  1. 40 Pounds By June says:

    I love Gala and Braeburns (little dry, but I like the taste). I also had my first Honeycrisp a couple of weeks ago. YUM!

  2. Dorie says:

    Our whole family adores B.C. organic Galas. Baked with a dollop of yoghurt, fresh, stewed on pancakes … one of our favourite store-bought fruits. The next best? Crabapples from our neighbours “mystery tree”. Absolutely delicious, and less than a block from our house!

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