Spruce and Rosemary Shortbread Cookies Recipe

A basic Shortbread Cookie Recipe is a time honored traditon at this time of the year, it is made up normally of butter, Sugar, Flour and Vanilla. Some folks like to use half Flour and half Corn Starch for a even smoother cookie.

But I have made own version here, its tweeked farm gal style. Because I want this cookie to be a DDC Cookie, I have tweeked it even more then normal

If you are using sugar, take your spruce tips and Rosemary and 1 tbsp of sugar and grind together in your coffee grinder.

1 cup of butter (St. Albert)
2 cup of flour
1/2 cup of local honey (normally I would use sugar)
1/3 cup of dried Spruce tips mixed with fresh Rosemary-Ground

Beat Butter, then add honey, beat again, then add half the flour and the ground spruce tips and rosemary, beat, slowly add the rest of the flour till ball forms, this will be a very soft dough, if required use just enough flour to create a log shape of the dough, shape it so that it will cut into loonie size cookies and wrap in wax paper and chill at least an hour. Two is better..

Once Chilled, slice into half inch cicles or half moons and bake for 12 to 14 min at 350. You want them just lightly browned on the edges and then move them to a rack to cool.

Now someone has had the thought of what do these taste like? and the answer is it depends on each person’s taste buds up to a point but if you don’t tell folks what it is, they will think its a citrus and rosemary cookie, the tips will add a lovely “lemony” taste that is as lip smacking good as it is hard to quite put your finger on. The honey made the cookies melt more then normal, so be aware that if you use sugar that they will be a stiffer cookie then shown above.

Please remember to only pick and use Pine, Spruce tips from tree’s that you know are not sprayed or to close to the road in regards to the exhust fumes and give them a wash before you use them.

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