Turnip Soup Recipe

  • 1 Tbp Oil Olive
  • One large Onion Diced (cooked in oil till soft and clear)
  • 4 med Turnips, peeled and cubed. (speaking in my W.C. Lingo, by Turnip, I mean Rutabaga)
  • 6 cups of chicken broth
  • Salt and Pepper with a pinch of nutmeg.

Cook the above, till turnip is done, then blend either in pot with the hand held or in blender, be careful this will be very hot to work with.. Then put back on the stove and bring up to a simmer..

  • 3 sausage’s taken out of casing if using store bought, cut into tiny pieces, about the size of a tiny meatball dropped into the boiling soup, and cook till done.. I use Lamb.
  • Add 3 cups of chopped arugula, or any other spicy dark green.

Serve up with a dollop of sour cream in the middle or a small amount of cream put over top..this is a stick to your ribs, fill you up treat, with a sweet base with hints of rich meaty goodness..

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5 Responses to Turnip Soup Recipe

  1. Deb W says:

    Hey now, hang on a minute. I’ve gotta tell ya that it’s NOT an East vs West thing. I’ve never heard anyone call a turnip anything but a turnip, ever, period and where they get this Rutabaga thing is beyond me!! (There now, I hope you feel better, ’cause I know that I do; )

    • Deb W says:

      Okay, so I had to go and look it up (you knew I would; ) and hopefully this’ll iron out some wrinkles… Whereas the original Turnip is ANCIENT, the Swede Turnip is only a few centuries old and a hybridisation between Cabbage (with 18 chromosomes) plus Turnip (with 20) is called Rutabaga in Sweden (and has 36 chromosomes). Jacques Cartier brought seed here in 1541.

      • LOL, ok, ok, so its a where I am thing, I asked for turnip, and they kept trying to give me small round roots with purple tops, and I want big old yellow fleshed turnips.. Interesting on the info, thanks for looking it up!

  2. Deb W says:

    Hey FarmGal, Look what I found… Here’s a posting to go along with yours (lots of interesting bits of history and the recipe sounds REALLY tasty too; )

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