Long Day..

Well, it was a long day yesterday, was up at 4:30 in order to get the chores done to be out the door for 7 to be at Nat’s by eight, then drove to the art school,  for morning rush hour in the capital, it was not bad, after spending a driving trip across Canada, its safe to say that Nat and I have a rythem when it comes to giving and taking directions.

The school itself was nice, other then it did seem like everyone speaks a different lang then me, but I have now lived a number of years, where English if spoken is the second lang of most of the folks around me, so it was just part of the norm..

The room was huge and messy, so cleaning and creating order was the first part required and then we set up about 50 peices of different artwork, in different displays.. the tunes were on, and it took us the whole two and half hours to just get it done before the prof showed up to judge the artwork to see if Nat would be able to prove that she didn’t need to take a course and would get credit in her program..

I headed off to knit in the main lobby and to peaple watch, Learned three main things in that time.

  • Leather boots with very high tiny spike heels are clearly in this year, I can not tell you how many ladies clicked by in boots that have to be destorying their feet in the name of fashion.
  • That compared to when I went to collage, everyone seemed to be dress like they all worked at Gap or something, this surprised me to be honest, you would think if you are at a Art school, you would think that the artists would express themselves in their outward choices a little more.
  • Now given that we are basicly at the capital city, and we do have a very good cultural mix in the city and that this school does bring folks from across canada, I was surprised at how many different cultural backgrounds were at the school.. Clearly art crosses all boundries in this regard.

The good news is that it was all worth it, as credit was given, It took an hour to break it all down and pack it away, and other hour and half of driving to get me back to the farm in mid afternoon, The critters were all VERY happy to see me.. the radio was telling me that a heavy rain storm was pending.. so chores took me another three hours, including hauling the last 200 pds of loose hay to the barn, as I have moved the big tarp to the new big hay bales, and didn’t want this to get ruined.. (which turned out to be a good thing, as it did drop a ton of rain and everything is soaked the bone this morning)

By then, I was ready to drop into bed but needed supper first.. eating something that for me would be considered very fast food indeed.. A bowl of red rice, mixed with my leftover shimp sauce, and a little sprinkle of mozza to make a hot carb filled tasty stringy dinner..

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1 Response to Long Day..

  1. Nat says:

    Thanks again for all your awesome help 🙂

    Oh, only the part we were setting up in is part of the art department, by the time you get to the chairs you were knitting by, you have left the art section and you have students in all other departments (computer science, nursing, administration, project management, etc.) as well as a bunch of pre-university kids wandering around 😉

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