Never trust a wolf in dog hair!

Wow, what a workout.. so went to do my barn chores and thought I would take a few of the hounds with me like I normally do.. well Mr. O who I did not raise and who came to me as adult with a drive that is on the VERY high side, who has taken me a year an half to get him to the point of normally! being trustworth, was a total jerk today.. while the dogs were all happily playing in the pond and running around, and I was doing Girl, He pushed out a corner wire on a gate and was into the next field, and ran the flock out of the barn and moved them into the fence line, and they in mass slammed into the back gate, moving it enough to snap the bottom latch, and out went one of my now ten month old spring ewe lamb with the black bugger hot on her heels.. At this point, I was breathing fire, and my call off finally was heard and Mr. O dropped off, ran back to me and downed..ahhhhhhh.

This should have been the end of it.. I opened the gate so the lamb could come back in, and went to put all the dogs away, but when I got sign of the lamb.. I mean gone.. I counted the sheep three times (always a fun job in itself) and I was missing my lamb.. so walked fence lines, nothing.. finally climbed into the barn loft and looked out over the hundred acres.. NOTHING.. by now I am so worried.. where did she go.. count sheep one more time.. still missing one..

Down to the house to get in the van and see if I can find her.. because if I could not spot her in the field then she has to have made it to the woods god help me.. so down I go.. and sure enough.. she is just at the woods edge looking so scared and spooked.. poor girl.. and she’s making little calls to me.. she knows me but not the van.. cut in front of her.. she won’t let me push her with the van, and spins and bolts past me..  ever wonder how fast a sheep can run, well over 20 miles an hour.. want to know how fast I can run.. Alot! slower.. Run back to the van.. by this time, I’m red faced from running around.. she is fine.. clearly in better shape then me..  Get in front of her the second time, and get out of the van, and turn her around.. get her back out of the bush and into the fields were she spots the barn and decided to head for home.. Thank you!!!

So I am slowly crawling back behind her in the van and she is moving along nicely on the side of the road, my flashers are on.. and crap, someone is coming up behind me.. do they slow down.. no they pass us, freak my girl out who veers right and jumps the ditch, I said a very bad word that starts with F.. Stop the van and cross the ditch, where I slip and fall into the water, remember that rain that has everything sloppy mud.. yup, I am covered up to my thighs at this point in the ditch itself and am soaked from head to toe.. finally get her back on the right path.. but can’t leave the van running on the side of the road, but now I am covered in mud, so grap the garbage bag out of the back and cover the seat and drive home.. Head to the back.. No frickin sheep to be seen..  Back to counting sheep.. finally! after counting them three times, I feed them a line of grain, so that they were all not moving quite as much and my count is right..

Came in the house, striped clothes, which are now in the washer, and had a shower, I had mud everywhere, even my hair, and now I am venting on the blog.. while the Mr. O lays with his head on my foot..sigh… When I have had a cup of tea and am dressed in new warm cloths, I need to head back out to fix that gate latch. All well that ends well as they say..  the sheep is fine and back with the flock with no harm done, and I had my cardo work out for the day!

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2 Responses to Never trust a wolf in dog hair!

  1. 40 Pounds By June says:

    I was laughing so hard! Sorry, I know it wasn’t funny for you at the time. But you told it like I could see this actually happening! I bet you burned at least 600 calories. Hey, write to Biggest Loser and invite them to the farm to repeat THAT workout!!!

  2. Deb W says:

    Hey FarmGal! Just reading your older postings and came across this one… OMG, LMAO!!
    Sounds like I’m not the only one with a four-legged canine idiot, eh?

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