Well, the perk of being up at 4:30 am is that you get to listen to BBC for an hour an half, I really like to hear news from England and Europe, often times they cover so many different things then our local news do.

Thank goodness for a fresh mug of tea in the morning, have weaned myself off the suger and milk in regards to tea but still need a bit of raw local honey to really enjoy it.. Always find it funny that the critters get both mine and hubbies first stumbling work.. swirling critters doing their very best to tell us that they would like fresh water in the bowl, the food dishes filled, or in the hounds case.. Outside??? mom.. breakfast??  Mom… Outside again please..  You know you have got it all done, when silence comes back..

Hounds got a treat this morning of  a little frozen lamb chop bone, I cut off all the lamb to make the world best stew, and then layed out the bones and froze them, as it always takes a little long for the dogs to chew them that way.. given the happy grunts, and the settling after the chew, I would say, it was hit.. most of the time, they get fresh apple or carrots as their chews after breakfast..

So hubby gave a call last night, and has arrived at his first stop safe and sound, his hotel is a little odd.. his room is in a second building about a block an half or so front the main hotel with the check in desk, and he had a problem with the door lock on the first room he was given, so he had to walk back and forth a couple of times, including with someone from the hotel as they could not get the door to open, finally cleaned and gave him a different room..

Got to love the northern airlines food, he got to choose between Char or Duck for lunch.. Love it! Said he went for duck but that it was like bland pork compared to our rich flavor filled home grown duck..

Sounds like he got a couple new interesting books at the airport, one is on how canadian’s think, basic idea is that they took polls information for the past xx years and then built a book around them to show differences an interesting things in regards to parts of canada. He says its heavy but interesting.

The second one about tomato’s and he thinks I will really enjoy it, its about the history of tomato’s and breeding I do like to keep seed, this book does indeed sound like it will be something I will be devouring when he gets home.

Speaking of eating, my little flock of growing chicks are eating me out of house and home, when they were little, they needed one bowl of feed twice a day.. then they moved up to two dishes twice a day.. and then two bigger dishes.. still they were hungry when I would go for the next feeding, I like my critters to be happy to see me coming but it was more then that.. So I went to the brown shed and dug out another chicken auto feeder, that I got at a farm sale a couple years back..  Hah.. just went to check on them.. sassy quiet birds greeted me.. instead of MOM!! Food, Food..eeppp, eeppp.  Only another month till most of those pretty roo’s go to freezer camp.. The little girls should start laying in late Jan/Feb, and I will be making lots of pasta.  I am pleased with everyone’s growth and will enjoy having new young layers to add to my current flock, equally like that this breed will go broody.

Total change of topic, I just heard the strangest thing on the news, and I have to would appear that there is a dealership in the United States that is offering a AK47 free when you buy one of their trucks..They say that their sales have doubled since the offer has started and as a side note.. if you already have this rifle, you can pick a different one..

Now its totally common to have our vehicle dealerships to offer “extra’s” to try and get folks to pick them to buy from, but this one was a HUH… I would love to have been a fly on the wall when the owners of this business, decided that this would be a good idea, and I would like to know where this dealership is??  If they are selling trucks, it would seem that the odds are good it should be farming land, and yet the choice does not strike me as something a hunter would find appealing.. Well, maybe I will hear a follow up on this, if so I will share..

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