Blue Monday


Today is the third Monday of Jan and that makes it the official “Blue Monday”  I am never sure I truly believe this made up day, they say its called the saddest day of the year over all. 

I disagree for many reasons, I think that everyone has their own much sadder days and we do not need to be told that a certain winter day to be given this name.  Do you find Blue Monday is in fact a hard day or time of the year for you?


I think the important thing in winter is getting in natural sun whenever possible.  Open the curtains, clean that glass and let that winter light pour in! Each day I am gaining 3 more minutes of daylight and I enjoy every single one of them. I made a point of opening the heavy heat/cold blocking winter curtains and my house right now is flooded with light, the new wall with its window in the kitchen has been just amazing!


I would like to say that I have been able to get outside because the truth is that is the best thing to do in winter, it does not matter if its sunshine or overcast, getting out there is the best choice possable. Walking the dogs, shoveling as needed, winter chores, or for those without farms, snowshoeing, winter skiing, winter hikes, winter horseback rides (the footing is great right now with the new snow falling and milder temps)


I have had some sitting bird taking time and I have gotten out once in the past weeks for a forest drive with hubby. It was lovely to see the trees, I can not wait till I can spend more time outside. Have you been able to get out and get some winter fun time in? or are you enjoying winter chore time? 

Feeling Blue Monday? I hope you can get outside for a walk,  Can’t take a walk? I hope you get outside to sit in the sun and look at the birds or the trees or your yard and have a cuppa.  Not well enough to get outside, then open  your curtains and let the sun in!

Onwards we go and slowly at here on the homestead, the sun stays just a bit longer each day and for that I am grateful.



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7 Responses to Blue Monday

  1. beautiful . beautiful . beautiful . images and all in the same colour palette!

    This is the first I heard of Blue Monday. Who invented it?

    • I am so glad you enjoyed my photos, I certainly enjoyed taking them, you would think they were taken on the same day but in truth, each was taken over the past two weeks on different days 🙂

      As for Blue monday, here you “The Blue Monday concept surfaced in 2005 during a press release from British travel company, Sky Travel, during a PR stunt. Citing psychologist Dr. Cliff Arnall, a formula pointing to the third Monday in January described the day as being the gloomiest of the year. Apparently, this equation manages to calculate the most depressing day of the year precisely.

      Arnall’s formula considers many factors, including the weather at this time of year, people’s probable level of debt, time after Christmas and new year’s resolutions, generally lower motivation levels and feeling a need to take action. ”

  2. wendy says:

    i try to be a bit more positive than blue monday and chose to go with national fig newton day, appreciate a dragon day or national brew day lol. Yes i did look them up hahaha

  3. No blue monday here. What we have is here, strangely for Central Alberta, is pea soup fog! It make the roads super slippery and the cold gets right down to your bones but as it freezes it covers everything with hoar frost and makes the world beautiful.

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