Porcelain Doll Pumpkin Review

Per Johnny Seeds Company Credit for the photo above as well 

add diversity to fall ornamental displays with the unique color of Porcelain Doll. The sweet flesh can be used for pies, soups, and other gourmet delights. Full vines bear blocky, deeply ribbed fruit averaging 16–24 lb” 

Now this is a one eye catching pumpkin and if you are growing it for the market of display, its a knock out on the wagon, that poppin pink color when its freshly picked, those lovely range of sizes and that awasome deep ribbing. I pick one up from a grower down the way along with a few others to try.

It was picked a little green, so I carefully cured it down and it did really well, it turned a bit more tan with some under tone greenish hue marbling as it cured and then stored for three months.

I was pleased at how well the skin cut, I have raised ones that need a hatch to get it cut open lol, honestly while the skin was nicely firm and not easy to cause any issue with storage, it cut very well.


LOTS of hollow inner space and yet I was truly surprised at how few seeds I got and I took all the mature good ones (about 70 to 80 percent were good) out of such a massive pumpkin..


The seeds are open pollinated in a huge pumpkin field of a big mix of 8 kinds so who knows what they will produce next year in terms of colors/textures and so on.. but it will all be big ones that should work well for fowl and or sheep fodder.

Farmgal tip, The seeds were washed and are on a lid with a ring set to dry, I put a 1/4th measuring cup on the back end, that way any extra water will run down, catch in the lower drip round and I just flipped the seeds every 4 to 6 hours as they dried down before going into a marked paper bag for starting and planting out next spring.


It was time to cut it open and do a taste test..  I trimmed up one slice and baked it with a bit of oil in the oven, smelled wonderful, clearly drier flesh but nice texture, for lower fat, instead of butter could use a bit of broth to get it smoother and better mash to it. 

It was a utter fail! I did not like the taste of this pumpkin at all, Hubby did not like the taste of this pumpkin at all, even the 3 out of 4 dogs took it, tasted it and dropped it to the floor and then eat it on round two, Uther loved it, he loves everything lol.

You know who else loved it, the wintering fowl on the farm and the sheep though it delightful!

Live and learn.. Have you grown this? Did you like the taste of it? How was it for holding for winter use? 



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3 Responses to Porcelain Doll Pumpkin Review

  1. My chickens love all pumpkin, melons and squash and eat it down to a thin hide. Good food throughout the winter and I free range.

  2. Laughed out loud about the dogs with it. 🙂 Glad the livestock enjoyed it.

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