New Years Eve

The last day of 2021, tomorrow is the start of 2022..  What a strange year 2021 has been in so many ways off the farm.. with some of it touching our lives here on the farm in different ways..

Winter 2021 was very snowy with some good old fashion deep cold.. this was a very good thing for the soil, garden and all my newer plantings.. we had outstanding snow cover well into late spring.

Having said that our new indoor greenhouse was rocking it during the full winter.. its wonderful to be able to grow all your own winter salad greens and some of the fixings to boot!

We got out a few times off the farm to local walks despite the lock down happening at that time..

Hubby snowblowed walking trails that was much loved by the hounds and ourselves and we expanded that this year into walking trails in one of the pastures

I got to really enjoy the winter flock of ravens , getting some very different raven/wool harvesting photos, which was just outstanding for sure..

Raven dry felting the wool into a travel ball

Dry felting the wool into a travel ball

Spring would come to the farm in a slow start which was delightful in so many ways, the waking of the gardens and the fruits in the food forests.

The greenhouse would prove to a outstanding seedling starter and I would be able to get a head start of a great many things..

The ewes were getting bigger and bigger..

March broke all the rules coming in storm and leaving in the same Lion mode.. April however was filled with melting and some lovely days..

Suddenly we leaped into spring in a big way!

Cherry flowers

The big push arrived,





lots of gardens

More Gardens

And more flowers

Hello Harvests.. just a few!

Fall was long, frost came on slowly indeed..

but then so did the warm weather.. Hubby still picking fresh cherry tomato’s, raspberries in oct..

The Sunchokces had a very good year!

Late fall was all about processing, canning, drying, butchering, sausage making, pickling and more, with a good amount of prepping happening, hay, straw, feed, grains, seeds, and more..

Winter finally arrived.. snow and mild cold.. and with it came my birthday and the full Indoor Photography set ups and the new big studio camera..

what a upgrade and it much fun was and is being had in terms of photography..

Dec has been quiet, with a lovely date night out for our 22nd wedding anniversary

focused mainly on prepping both mentally and physically for what the new year will bring..

In the year of 2021, we lost our beloved older female Icelandic Sheepdog Marie..

while it was so hard, it was time and so we got to have the time with her.. knowing we were on borrowed time for the last year plus, we made so many sweet memories and yes she got the all the extra treats, cuddles and snuggles, sadly her last hike/walk trip off the farm was the fall of 2020.. for 2021, it was just gentle walks in the yard..

We also lost our beloved Faith.. it was sudden and a shock.. her little merp voice, her sweetness and her gentle soul is very much missed..  I am still struggling with this loss..  Suddenly lose is in some ways harder then when you know its coming..

However we also added in a new little guy.. Bells joined our purrpot family, a frail little tike

who is turning into a sturdy troublesome teenager muse with a heart of gold..

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7 Responses to New Years Eve

  1. Silver says:

    A year with lots of ups and some downs, Val. I hope 2022 will be kind to you, your husband and all the critters on the farm.

  2. valbjerke says:

    What a beautiful post! Makes me think I should do something similar. 😊
    Wishing you a really awesome new year.

  3. Happy 2022. I’m hoping it will be a good year for all of us.

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