2022 Goals

22 anniversy

Dear Hubby and I are both turning 50 in 2022, a big milestone in most folks lives.. in some ways just another day, another year and yet in other ways, its the BIG 50..  We have a lot of hopes and dreams for our 50’s.. but right now it just feels like a good idea to live even more in the moment, to see the bigger picture but live in the here and now..

In keeping with that, you will find my goals for the coming year to be either a lovely rounding of our life or boring as sheep poop.. lol.. your call really..

2022 Goals

  • Spend as much time in as many ways to enjoy and strengthen with continued active communication with the #1 most important person in my world.. The above really goes for everyone in my life that matters to me in different degrees..
  • Continue to work on different health issues within our household (which are stable an or improving but need continued care/treatment)
  • Live, Love and Work with the land/farm.. Expand the plantings, working the current gardens, work the food forests, Meat, Milk, Eggs, Fruit, Veggies, Herbs and Medical Plantings..
  • Blog, Ideally more
  • Feed the birds, continue to create haven on our farm for the wild birds
  • Add Honey Bee Keeping to the farm while also working hard to make sure it does not effect my very active breeding programs for my natives bees..
  • Replace, Repair, Rebuild in regards to continued farm/land/pasture needs.
  • Photography in so many ways
  • Art, drawing, doodles, painting, chainsaw carving, garden art, cement work
  • Rock hounding, including working my new rock tumbler
  • Lots of Walks, Hikes, Time in the bush, time by or on the water..
  • Travel?? (that’s ones up in the air) but hopefully at least locally done outdoor based day trips monthly at a min.
  • Trick Training, play time with the Horse’s, Hounds and Bells Kittens
  • Breath, Balance between work/life..

If we can do the above.. we will getter done.. and despite the struggles I see coming forward, it will be a year of good memories..

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3 Responses to 2022 Goals

  1. arlynch1475 says:

    Sounds like a great year. 2022 creates a lot of anxiety in me. My firstborn graduates HS this year and while part of me is thrilled for him…..the other part wants to vomit. I’m so anxious for his future given the world right now. I’m just not ready for this season to end. Domestic goals this year are a greenhouse and chicken coop, moving the perennial fruits to a larger area and added storage.

  2. arlynch1475 says:

    Hmmmm, that’s weird….I didn’t change my number! I’ll shoot you an email in just a bit!

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