King of the North Pepper Report

This big guy is the most picture perfect green (stage) King of the North Pepper, It was selected as our main seed saver for 2021. I might yet save from one more yet, I have my eye a different pepper plant and a huge delightful pepper. 

I started the King of the North Peppers in march of 2021 and they were moved outside and have been producing since mid july and still going strong coming into the fall season. I got the seed from West Coast Seeds and I have been very pleased with it. 

King of the North heirloom Pepper was featured on the cover of a 1934 Harris’ Seeds Catalog out of Coldwater, New York.

“Outstanding 1934 Introduction. Extremely Large, Early and Very Prolific. We put it mildly when we say that those who tested this new pepper last year were extremely pleased with it. The immense size, earliness and heavy yield make King of the North a variety that will give enormous yields of fine fruit even here in the North. The plants are medium size, branching and literally covered with fruit. The flesh is thick, mild and sweet.”

For me this is a short stocky plant, I grew it in a standard tomato cage for support but I expect you could just drive down a stick and tie it up and it would be just fine..  Full Sun but when possable< I put a little climber plant behind it for wind direction protection..  I find all peppers to be somewhat heavy feeders personally, and I recommend a solid 3 inches of well done compost in the soil and nettle tea extra feedings at least 2 or 3 times, you will really notice a leaf color change when it gets nettle tea.. and I personally find that the peppers are “just a touch sweeter”, I will even cut and drop young nettle leaves/tops around the base of my pepper plants. 

I have found the West Coast Seeds to be outstandingly easy to start for peppers, they do well in baggy method or heat mat or on the top of the fridge (warm spot in the house) but DO not start them to early, they are fast growers and they must! be kept short, if they get leggy, just bin them and start again and start them later next time..  pinch them back if you need to.. 

Once they are in the garden, they are a lovely surprise because while they will produce fast and can take the cooler temps, they can and will produce in warm temps.. mine loved my massive heat units this summer. 

If you live in a shorter season, if you live with cooler weather, if you like a blocky type pepper, a ideal stuffer, if you are always sad that your home grown pepper are thinner walled and much stronger in taste, I highely recommend the King of the North, its got a lovely sweetness and it for sure one of the thickest walled pepper I have had the pleasure of growing. 

I am happy to have put up at least a 3 year supply of home grown seed stock into my seed box. I look forward to growing it again in 2022

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2 Responses to King of the North Pepper Report

  1. Silver says:

    What a beauty and so bag as well! How many peppers do you think you’ll get this year?

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