Bump in the night..

It never fails that on the first night sleeping with just the hounds that I do not sleep well.. yes the house was locked up tight as was the farm. Yes I had my phone and a maybe a extra thing or two placed around the house “just in case”

It does not stop the lighter sleep..  I swear I heard every bump in the night..  every movement had me twitching.. I was not the only unsettled one..  My farm girl dogs had spent the evening on edge pacing and checking the windows and kept giving me the look..

Where is Dad? He is late? REALLY LATE?  Dez was the worst, she was not sure we should go to bed without at least one more check to see if we might have misplaced him somewhere..

On the other hand, it was a truly beautiful evening, no bugs, amazing stars, the moon so bright.. the horse’s and I had a lean and I enjoyed my late evening check with a trail of the dogs and farm cats

She also was listening hard to each sound outside.. twice getting up to go check it and then coming back to the bed, once the true dark hit, I spent most of the night with my one hand on her.. if the bumps made me look or twitch.. she would lift her head, listen and then relax.. I figure her ears and nose is MUCH better then mine.. if she is not worried, I figured.. I should not be worried.

The second reason I had a very poor sleep was the phone.. my gosh.. how do people take their phone’s into their bedroom! I never do, I normally plug my phone in and leave it in the kitchen.. if you text or call after I go to the living room or the bedroom, I will get back to you in the morning..

However this is not the normal.. so it came with me.. and I promised hubby that I would keep the volume up and check the phone.. what I did not think about was that it meant every time someone writes me.. the thing beeps..  I had to turn the light on, get my glasses and check the phone 9 times last night for just basic updates, messages that normally could and would have waited for morning..

It would be fair to say I did not get a good rest..

I am going super Frugal at the moment,  while I can always adjust from savings to make sure things are covered, I have no idea how much things will cost over the next few weeks so I am locking down myself and the farm to a “No Spend” for the next while..

The basic’s are very simple, of course the farms needs will be meet, otherwise my goal is to spend nothing for myself or the house itself for at least the next two weeks.. Only the animals needs are off this.. if I need something for them.. then of course it will be gotten.

Its also Oct unprocessed and I have been in general following along for the first part of the month.. only three meals in the  first 9 days did not meet the rules.. the rest I have been doing really well with it..

Now I am going to get more hard core on it! but the truth is.. Its more a solid.. Eat out of your Pantry then anything! Given the time of year, its just about planning, its not going to have me lacking anything.. my fridge is full, my cold cellar is full.. my pantry’s are loaded heading into winter..

Unlike my normal march timing.. things are not lean right now.. but having said that.. the garden is done at the same time.

Yesterday, Breakfast was one of the “3 off meals” but lunch was seafood based and veggie based.. No real surprise considering hubby does not like fish or seafood that I went with one of my favorite seafood blends almost like a comfort food in a way..

Supper was light, I had a sandwich, some pear butter and for a snack, I had a apple and some homemade pudding..

I had a plan for popcorn but it did not happen..

Well, on with the day..  On with the day!

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8 Responses to Bump in the night..

  1. mariazannini says:

    My husband and I lived 300 miles apart for almost 15 years, only seeing each other for a few days every month.

    Like you, every sound woke me up, and I have excellent hearing. At first I lived in a suburb, lots of neighbors and kids so it felt relatively safe, but towards the end, we found the place where we’d live out the rest of our years and that was deep in the country.

    Funny story: Every day around five I’d hear these strange animal noises. I couldn’t tell what they were. One night around ten, I heard the noise especially close. I was dreaming that I was in Africa and there were lions at my window.

    The next day I met a neighbor and she told me that not half a mile away there was a lion refuge. As far as she knew no lions had escaped, but one did escape only the year before.
    As for the noises at five, that’s was feeding time. LOL!

    • Good Morning Maria, I totally understand that.. as hubby’s a geologist, there was times where he went to work camps.. I admit now that he works a steady mon-Friday.. I would find it very hard to go back but if it had to happen.. it would happen.. my dad works in the oil pipeline field out in western Canada and he would often be gone for many months, one time for a full year between seeing him.. Given I was used to that, I didn’t mind hubbies weeks here and month or two here and most of the summer gone for a number of years.

      I loved your funny story.. our minds know even when we don’t think its possible.. I would often tell hubby that I would hear a wolf.. not coyote, not coy-wolf.. but WOLF howling.. this went on for a couple years and then I found out that yes.. down the way and over the river with just the right Eco.. sure enough someone had a “dog-wolf” that was far more wolf then mix.. the mix was said with a wink and nudge..

      I like you who heard your lion’s, heard my wolf 🙂

  2. Nicola says:

    You reminded me of when Leo used to travel for work, a lot. I much prefer having him around but there are some little routines and meals etc that would only happen when he was away. He’s a solid meal eater, I am more of a grazer, that kind of thing. It was nice to indulge my whims once in a while. I am glad you have the dogs to listen out for you. I hope the farm stays peaceful whilst you are having to manage it all. Sounds like Dez is trying her best to step up whilst one of the “big dogs” is away!

  3. Mary Griffin says:

    Know exactly what you mean. I always have the flash lights handy when I’m alone.
    But sounded like you made it through ok. Glad you have things under control food wise.

  4. Check your phone settings for ‘Do Not Disturb’ which can turn off alerts to your phone between whatever hours you specify, but will also allow calls from your favourites…

  5. Check the DO NOT DISTURB settings on you phone. Sometimes you can program them so only some notifications (such as calls from your hubby) will come through after a certain time. This might help you sleep a little better.

  6. Silver says:

    I totally get that feeling. If Husband is away I find it really hard to fall asleep, wake up at the slightest noise, and it just feels weird and sad not having him there.

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