On my own for a bit!

Thankfully only physically.. my beloved husband Jason has flown to alberta to be with his mom.  The doctors said it was time to call folks in for their final goodbyes. At this time he will be gone for a min of two weeks but that is flexable depending on what is needed.

I am glad that he will get to spend a some time.. a few days perhaps with his mom and the family that is gathering and will be there to help his brother in regards to her passing and all the work that comes afterwards.

I will be home here taking care of the farm, the critters and working to process the things I can on my own as fall harvest is fully on us a this time. I will be working carefully as it important that I take my time, break things down into smaller parts and keep my safety in mind so that I will get everything done that needs done.

Now, I am grateful that the frost came when it did, as it means the push to get everything out and into the house is done.. now I can take smaller portions of the things in storage and process them..  (ok I would have preferred another 3 weeks of growing season.. but its still so much better then that killing frost coming while I am on my own)

I suppose for my readers here on the blog, it will be a good thing in a strange way as I will have more time to reflect and write..  when I am alone on the farm, that is when I am drawn to writing more and more..

I hope to share that somewhat between painting as well. I know that I will be kept busy that’s for sure..


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7 Responses to On my own for a bit!

  1. valbjerke says:

    Yes – be aware of safety issues when you’re by yourself. I always let a couple people know when I’m on my own – and they check in via text once or twice a day. 😊

  2. Silver says:

    Hope your Husband is as ok as he can be. Take care of yourself while you’re at home.<3

    • Thanks Silver.. I think he is at this time.. I know he is looking forward to meeting the doctors today and getting a full debrief and I am just working one day at time.. Just sitting down to a hot lunch, I made a big batch of orange and clove rice pudding.. I will enjoy a bowl hot now and will greatly like having a bowl of it to grab from over the next couple days.. I might have made enough that I will share a spoon or two with the hounds on their dinners 🙂

  3. Sorry to hear about what your husband is going through. Take care.

  4. Sending cyber hugs to you and your husband at this difficult time.

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