Its October? How did this happen..

How did it become October already.. honestly where has the time gone.. where did sept go.. it passed me by in a haze..  I truly feel like I lost time in the past month.. I know that I didn’t really lose time..

I was always up and moving each day, I was there

However I think there was times where I was just going though the motions and my mind, heart and  spirit where doing their own work in their own way..

I did get much better at posting in sept.. I didn’t make every single day.. I did get most days even if it was short posts or painting or photography..  I am good with it.. it got my head back into the blogging which was needed.

October is one of my favorite months, its got my birthday, its got thanksgiving, its changing leaves and yard clean up, its butcher time.. its end of garden harvest, and putting up for winter and spring..

Lots to get done this month.. Hubby is busy at work but so far is not putting in to much overtime yet but that will change later this fall as he is lead on a project that will bring him back to those extra work hours..

Having said that I am hoping he might be able to take a few extra days off this month in regards to giving a extra helping hand on getting things done. I am working on certain things in the house and looking forward to finishing some projects over the winter inside the house..

right now, however I will be focused on getting the rest of the garden harvest up and processed and the critters finished up and harvest there done as well.

I am working on a couple different ways to use up those itty bitty potato from the harvest, I hope to have up single recipes but also do a round up post on them as well.

I am looking forward to my new laying hens starting to lay soon..  They are large brown egg layers and they should keep me in eggs all winter long.

I have had rain for the past while.. it has made harvesting seeds challenging but it is still slowly but surely happening.  are you saving seed this year?

The next thing I have to harvest is beets and the very last harvest of the yellow beans, and then I need to clean up that row.

Each day seeing a little more done..

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2 Responses to Its October? How did this happen..

  1. Silver says:

    Time flies, it seems only last week that it still felt like summer. Then the weekend and the start of this week have been it grey, rainy and sad, all of a sudden. It feels more like fall now for sure ^_^

  2. mariazannini says:

    I love October. It’s still pretty hot, but October usually ushers in the cooler weather. I’m ready!
    I save a lot of my seed, except or okra. I have too much now. LOL! I might freshen my seed okra next year though.

    Hope you’re feeling better.

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