Potato Leek Soup Recipe

Potato Leek Soup Recipe

  • 6 new med sizes potato’s diced (these were from the garden so skins on)
  •  2 cups of sweet baby corn (I used the cut off corn on 4 cobs)
  •  1 leek trimmed properly and then quartered and finely sliced.
  •  6 cups of veggie stock (depending on the size of your pan, must cover the veggies to cook at a med-heat simmer)
  •  1 cup of whole milk
  • 1 tsp of olive oil or any kind of fat.
  • Salt, Pepper to taste.

In a good quality heavy bottomed pot, place your 1 tsp of olive and your prepared leek, cook stirring now and again till you get some brown bits on the leek..

Then Add your Prepared Potato’s, corn and stock and cook till the potato’s are tender.. taste your broth, does it need a bit more salt, pepper.. this should be a VERY light tasting soup.. you want the leek/corn flavours to be able to come though..

Once your soup is cooked.. add your milk or light cream if you prefer..  Allow it to heat back up but DO NOT simmer it again..  just heat though..   Taste again.. do you need to add a touch more salt or pepper?

If you want, you could put a tiny bit of green onion on top for a pop of extra color..

Serves 4 bowls..

I love that this is a such a perfect fall garden soup.. Fresh baby potato’s from the garden, fresh fall leek with just cut off the cob fall corn..  The light but rich broth hits just the right notes of depth with a hint of sweetness..

Bonus Recipe.. See Below

If you wanted to change up the flavour a touch, I recommend a little bit of nutmeg, try just a tiny pinch and test the soup to see if it has enough of that spicy undertone from that spice..   Adding this spice will change the whole soup in flavour and I would put finely diced red pepper bits as the finally finish to the bowl.

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