Cold Coffee Intro

Ok, I admit it, I love tim’s Ice Cap and I adore MD’s Cold Coffee.. there I said it.. what I don’t like the price.. and I really don’t like the cups and straws..

However, I have been so bad at allowing this to be “town treat” I will just get a small one or I will only get one when I already had a trip planned.. like its something to be proud of that I don’t drive to town when I REALLY want a massive Ice Cap.. (for none Canadian, its a coffee slushie, creamy cold, milky and coffee.. its sweet)

I have over the years made coffee, cooled it and put it in the fridge and its close.. not really close enough.. Yes it was cold.. but it was not “cold coffee from town”

Haha.. I went to town for some needed supplies yesterday and hubby said.. Tim’s and I was like.. nope.. I will make myself a cold coffee when I get home!

Turns out that missing “something” is that GOOD cold coffee is brewed cold.. ok, maybe you all knew this.. but I did not.. I thought cold coffee was hot brewed and then made cold..

Nope..  Nope..

Not the good stuff..

Tupperware came out with a cold coffee carafe brew system and I got on sample pricing.. and I love this thing..  I can get a number of my friends who know me in person to back me on this..

  • I did not get my item for free for posting this, I paid my own hard earned cash to buy it and my review is mine and mine alone.. However if you click on the link above and choose to buy anything from my link.. then yes, I will earn a small commission from you doing so.. per the legal notice required on these things..

I tend to load my coffee because I don’t like the bitterness of coffee.. so I need a crazy amount of sugar to get it to that.. this is amazing stage..

However cold brew coffee does not have that acid bite to it.. and so I have been able to cut my sugar down a lot.. this is a good thing.. I think it would take me a bit to go no sugar, even when mixed with the whole milk, which of course have natural sugar in it.

Add in some of the good flavours you can add to these and who needs town..  I have to limit how many a day I drink and I for sure have to limit how late in the day, as cold brew coffee is TWICE the caffeine.. which is awesome in the morning and So NO after about 5 pm..

I love serving this up to friends and getting the look of Cold Fancy Coffee drinks until they have that first sip or two and then Bam.. they are hooked!  lol

I have plans to figure out how much it costs to make a average coffee and report back.. but I know its so much cheaper then in town.. but I need to do some research on different prices on what different ones offer.

There are some fun recipes both to make in the coffee itself an for making homemade creamers.. I will share a few fun fall ones, as I plan on trying some different ones.

Do you like Cold Brew Coffee? Where is your favorite place to get that coffee treat? Do you make it at home to keep costs down? I was so pleased and surprised to say no thanks to my costly in town treat.. knowing that I could make something as good if not better at home..



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9 Responses to Cold Coffee Intro

  1. Silver says:

    I must admit I don’t drink coffee hot nor cold.

    But I do drink a lot of tea and in summer iced tea. I buy the ready made iced tea powders (there’s an American food store in London where I stock up from when I can) and then make a big jug, and store this in the fridge. When I go out and about I decant some of this into a reusable bottle.

    I may well give making my own from scratch a go, if I can find a recipe that I like ^_^

  2. Erica Blais says:

    I love cold brew coffee in the summer. So easy to make. Coffee at home always tastes better and is cheaper, even with buying more expensive fair trade organic beans. I also think using well water and not the chlorinated city water makes, for a much tastier cup.

    • Hi Erica.. It is so easy to make.. It is certainly much cheaper and better to use reusable.. I think I need to explore the coffee bean and grind a bit more.. I do agree. I think the well water does make it better.. if of course that its good well water lol. I have had good well water and I have had some that is not! it maybe safe to drink but it does not taste good..

      I think I will enjoy it even in winter to point but I can see myself wanting my hot cuppa still..

  3. The Man and I both love a cup of cold brew. I’ve been using Pioneer Woman’s recipe for years. I have started using decaf coffee because I can’t handle too much caffeine anymore and it is acceptable. Previously, when I lived in a big city, I just about had to join a support group cause of my Ice Cap addiction. That stuff is soooo good

    • It is so good but I agree on the to much caffeine.. I made the mistake one night to enjoy a big cold coffee after supper, I was still up and painting at midnight.. learned that lesson.. I will to check out her recipe, I assume I can just google it? But ya.. ice caps are addictive.. man they are good…. rolls my eyes and shakes my head lol..

      Ps.. did either of my posts go thought on your last post? or did the internet eat them?

      • The recipe can be found here:

        The internet may have eaten your comments. we are out of town right now but i will check when i gert back to my own computer.

      • ok, on the chance it did eat it.. the biggest one that I want to share again is about the fat drippings and cooking.. I was talking about the fact that if you heat the pan, add your meat and give a good sear with med-high heat.. you can pull the meat(wrap it to finish cooking, and hold back the juices so its still yummy but then you can deglaze your pan with a tiny bit of the canned milk or even water or cold coffee and then use the ” the meat/browned mock gravy for over the meat a touch, on potato’s or even as a spread on bread.. its crazy the amount of flavour you can get out of a deglazed pan..

      • Thanks! Anything I can put on my bread other than margarine is appreciated!

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