The last round of the Tomato’s

That’s it Folks.. on sunday we picked and choose and hauled in another 15 pounds give or take of the best tomato’s and the rest when to the birds, the bad went to the compost pile where next year dozens of babies will no doubt sprout up.

The year has been a surprise.. its been outstanding.. I had a very limited number of plants.. they were in a new bed with new soil.. and they rocked it..

In part because they were massive starts that I had custom grown for me..

In part because they were in the perfect full sun/heat sink grow area in the new kitchen garden..

In part because I did a lot of compost watering’s

They got a bunny poo manure tea feeding

They got a nettle tea green plant  tea feeding

They got a comfrey green plant tea feeding

And in the worst part of the drought.. I did a sheep poo/aged horse and nettle/comfrey blend that they loved..

The plants have all been pulled out, the extra weeding in KG plot 1 done and now it sits ready for me to add a thick heavy but well screened compost..

This plot was double dug and took close to a ton and half of top soil to back fill..  I will have it ready to go in the early spring for early greens and then its going into the root veggie plot.. carrots, parsnips, summer turnips and green onions..

I could not be more pleased with our return yields on this plot and those 12 plants.. they have allowed me to fresh eat and cook for months, put up 72 quarts of different kinds of pasta sauces..

I have enough left over to do salsa and green tomato relish..  and we are still harvesting and enjoy the sweetest yummiest cherry tomato’s that are now well over 8 feet and climbing still..  I will hold them till frost..

The custom start meant my slow start to the garden was moot.. the plants put down the roots big time and so they handled the drought with grace.. they were tight enough planted and we planted ground cover radish’s and onions and other fast growers between then to keep that soil covered..

We did water them when we could and when they were pulled up those root systems were massive.. just as they should be!

Hope you got some good tomato returns in your garden this year..

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6 Responses to The last round of the Tomato’s

  1. Wish we had tomatoes like this. We are going to try another round and plant some more.

  2. valbjerke says:

    Green tomatoes- I’m on the hunt for some here….green tomato mincemeat 😊

  3. bluestempond says:

    We also were overrun with luscious tomatoes and we have one more picking to go. I’m frankly tired of canning and drying them now and am giving them away to friends and chickens.

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