The Call..

I am sad that I missed getting my post up yesterday.. it was a good day but I seemed to do chores and then be out and doing things and or on the phone on other things..

The call..  Like that sunflower above.. the call itself is the simple enough right.. your phone rings.. and you either answer or not..

The meat of the call is like the sunflower seeds.. hidden, deeper and the meat sometimes needs a cracking to get to..

When your parents get older and their health starts having issues..  the phone ringing takes on a new meaning at times..  Some calls are waited for.. waiting, waiting for information..

Other calls are much harder to deal with.. worry and concern and frustration.  All fair and normal considering what is happening but none the less its tricky..

Information must move from place to place and to the day.. hearing a voice, hearing the words themselves is a good thing even if the news is tricky itself.

Jason’s mom is back in the hospital again.. the fourth time in a matter of weeks.. and we are waiting for the call on the latest news on results..

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10 Responses to The Call..

  1. valbjerke says:

    I think as we get to our age – we’ve all experienced ‘those calls’. As we get older so does everybody else…..
    I’ve actually managed to develop a sort of phobia about the landline. I’ve gotten enough of ‘those calls’ I dread answering it if it rings late, avoid talking on it at all for the most part….and if I’m actually expecting one of ‘those calls’ I don’t sleep. 😖
    Sending good thoughts your way.

    • Hi Valb I know, the older I get the more of those calls I get.. they say I am at just at that age.. I can understand about not wanting to answer the phone later at night.. I always prefer to talk in person when possible but with so much of my family all living away, the simple truth is that almost all of these things happen over the phone.. I did wake up a bit last night to mull things but I was physically so tired that I slept pretty good but woke up tired.. mental, emotionally and physically tired.. such is the day at the moment.. one step at a time, one day at a time..

      • valbjerke says:

        Yes funny how that works….have a slower day – give yourself a breather. I’ve discovered that all the worry and fretting in the world won’t change the end result – but it will knock me flat with exhaustion. 😊

      • I have a ladies get together later today so I will put things to the side for a few hours and both relax and focus.. this I know is a good thing.. I know I have urge to cancel but it will do me good to go and do something else.

  2. Silver says:

    I’m sorry to hear she’s unwell, I hope she perks up a bit soon and can come home. It’s such an agonising wait for the phone to ring when you’re expecting a call. Or as you say when the phone rings but not for a good reason.
    As my mother’s quite poorly and has had a few close calls, I have my phone on and in the bedroom when I go to sleep, in case I get the call to come home. I have had to tell a few people to please not call or text me at unreasonable times, so between 10pm and 7am, as it makes me jump out of my skin. (And maybe I am a bit old fashioned, but I grew up with that you don’t make phone calls in the night! Unless something’s on fire, it can wait until the morning!)

    • Thank you Silver.. I am not sure about perking up soon, she has been in and out over the past few weeks.. I am not sure that this is the point where things get better.. I have a feeling with the information that has been coming in that “we” need to at least consider the possablity that things while they might get more stable.. are not likely to get better and perhaps will go the other way..

      I am very sorry to hear your mom is doing poorly, I had read a few things you wrote there.. I am totally with you.. last night I took the phone to bed with me as well.. but its not normal.. I have a rule the phone stay’s in the kitchen upstairs and never come in at night unless I need it..

      I am old enough as well to know no calls after 10 or before 6 am (they know I get up early) unless needed.. Its not a bad thing to have that rule in place..

      Having said that.. when those calls do come in and that ring happens.. it does create that jolt..

      Take care and I hope you have good day..

  3. Widdershins says:

    Nothing reminds us of our mortality more than those kinds of calls, eh? … may things flow as they ought, with grace and hope.

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