The Peanut Gallery

Good Morning Folks..

Can’t see the forest though the tree’s

Yesterday on CBC news they announced that Tim’s (our national Coffee and donut shop) who with great fanfare announced that they were jumping on the “no meat band wagon and serving up the ultra-processed plant based proteins mock burgers/sausages in july

Had poor enough sales that they were cancelling this in all province’s other then B.C and Ontario.  There is are lots of other fast food that will continue to carry this certain type of veggie burger..

I put up what I considered to be the most polite two sentence comment in the peanut gallery..

I said.. How wonderful, hopefully in the future it be all of Canada.

Now I honestly think if I had just added the little detail that I don’t think ultraprocessed food is a good thing.. that I think you should be able to read what is on your food list as at least a hundred others did.. I would have maybe got one to four comments or clicks..

However I didn’t..

O my Gosh..  so when the first couple very negative comments came in, snarling at me that I was bad for wanting this amazing “meat replacement” gone across Canada.. I blinked and when huh..

I almost answered but I didn’t get a chance before another 10 plus comments came in and they were very unhappy that I could think it wonderful..

I got..mind my own business.. Why should I be allowed to have a say.. if I didn’t like it, don’t order it..

Then it took the first really odd turn.. other people started defending me.. and they were totally on the other side.. eat meat.. (which has nothing to do with my own reason.. I have friends that choose to not eat meat.. its fine.. and if you are going to eat meat, if possible I hope if you can afford to do so… that you buy outside the commercial production and support farmgate local farmers wherever you live)

So they started in-fighting and I walked away to do some work in the kitchen.. when I came back.. it was to another 20 plus comments..

I got called a “snowflake” which made me laugh.. I have never been called that.. It made me chuckle because I am so NOT a snowflake..  However at this point.. it took another turn..

Someone went to my facebook photo and they had moved from the above to deciding to fat shame me.. I should not be allowed a burger of any kind.. this lead to another whole round of both those that decided it was fine to call me fat, my personal favorite was the guy who told me.. mind your own business, you fat cow..

At this point, I was staring at my screen in with a look of WHAT the BLEEP!

Then to give credit where credit is due.. a number of the women and one man who had written and was very angry at me over what they thought was my choice against plant based protein.. jumped back in to DEFEND me. in this angle.. that fat shaming in public was no more ok then not liking a meatless burger..

This lead to a number of them “checking” out my facebook profile and public posts in more detail..

Which lead to the next round.. moving from fat shaming me to .. wait for it..

Me needing to charged because I ride my horse.. my massive 1600 pound horse at my weight..  and that exploded.. I could have explained that I own a horse the size I do so I can ride, that I follow carefully the recommended well studied weight limits, that I have my vet check for chiro issues to make sure they are NOT being hurt when I ride..

It would not have mattered.. so I did not..

At that point.. I had to block, remove and stop the comments that were then flying on my public profile photos so that the nasty things they were writing on it..

Then of course they followed though and hit the blog.. thankfully.. its moderated.. so none of their nonsense made it on here..

At this point, I had over 80 infighting comments..  On my facebook, I think my personal favorite was the one that attacked my art skills.. Wow.. Just wow..

I did not write back.. I did not engage.. I hit delete.. I was sadly the top post, which meant that as they all continued to infight, each new comment meant it was pushed back to the top again.. and again..

I am a blogger, I have a pretty thick skin.. but I was amazed to watch this happen in real time in a mear matter of minutes..  How it went from being happy that a ultra processed food is no longer being sold to intense personal attacks in under 10 min..

The mob..  The mob is alive and well.. it is thriving on the internet!


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25 Responses to The Peanut Gallery

  1. grammomsblog says:

    The ‘anonymity’ of Facebook tends to bring out the worst of people and the best of people. Try not to let the comments get under your skin. I’ve learned the hard way to simply not comment on public forums (for my own sanity) – and respond to friends’ posts. }}}HUGS{{{ to you.
    And shame on them!!

  2. I know a fair bit of people involved in livestock raising who have been driven off social media due to the backlash over raising and harvesting animals. I know I would fade away rather then engage. There is no winning scenario in a social media flare war…
    Cheers, David

    • Yes, I have heard that as well.. I do not engage.. there is no way that it helps when its about troll and fighting.. its not about learning or sharing or having a openness.. Its just them taking their unhappiness about whatever is happening in life out on other people in the online world.. .

  3. tracy says:

    WOW! It is appalling what people will say when they aren’t face to face with a person. It’s one of the reasons I don’t “do” Facebook or many other social media platforms. Forget them. Not worth the energy or precious time. I love your blog and all the info you share with us.
    What I really wanted to comment on is your beautiful painting of the trees…I love it! My fave so far!

  4. Penny says:

    Hi Penny, got your letter dear and yes, yes and thank you 🙂

  5. Thehendzels says:

    “Don’t argue with idiots. They bring you down to their level and then beat you with experience”. I’m glad you didn’t engage them.

    My hubby used to post on political newsfeeds. He was targeted by some mentally ill jerk who thought it would be a good idea to e-mail all of his colleagues and supervisor with bullshit allegations. Nothing came of it on his end. However the guy who did this had a habit of posting his letters to local politicians on the internet and leaving his address behind. Hubby had the local police call the police in his area. The police found the guy and did something because hubby never heard from him again.

    There’s a lot of crazy people in this world!

  6. Nicola says:

    I am so sorry you are having to deal with all of that Val, you have so much else to deal with right now. I try to use my internet presence as I do my real life presence, in the most part to lift people up where I can. It strikes me they must all be people with nothing better to do.

    • Thank you Nicola.. it truly both surprised me and had me for a bit anyway watching in amazement that it just grew and took on its own life.. if they had not moved to the fat shaming and then on to my horseback riding. I would have allowed it to stay up and let them in-fight.. because they were just going fine without any impute or response required from me.. However that was really crossing a line and the one thing we learn as a moderator and as a blogger is that the delete and banned that IP and flag that person is the way to go.. I expect that a at least 3 to 5 of the people I reported, found themselves and their accounts in facebook jail by today..

  7. mariazannini says:

    I don’t understand why people think it’s okay to stoop to insults and slander. If you can’t see yourself saying these things in person than it’s not okay to hide behind the anonymity of the internet.
    I’m sorry you had to go through that. I hope at least you also found kindred spirits among the masses.

    • Its fast and its brutal.. but if you can step back and understand that its not really about you.. its clearly about “the person” who is writings issue.. not your own it helps deal with it.. I knew where I was coming from and I stand by it.. over processed is over processed.. but wow.. its far to say that a good number of those people who wrote clearly have to much hand on their time and are very unhappy..

  8. Cricket says:

    Oh, I’m so sorry you experienced that and I’m glad to hear it rolled off you. I have learned so much from you about so many things but I guess no one looking for ammunition really read and digested any of your posts. If they had, they would understand how thoughtful and knowledgeable you are! I’ve taken some heat for posts about my subsistence hunting because it’s easy for faceless, anonymous folks to weigh in on one’s choices without ever walking in shoes like mine. Hugs to you for weathering the social media storm.

    • Thank you Cricket.. I am so glad you have learned things and yes, hunting posts can indeed bring out a lot of comments.. I am glad you can provide for your family and I am weathering ok.. I just was so surprised at how fast they could progress things.

  9. Silver says:

    Oh Val I’m so sorry this happened to you. People suddenly seem more ‘brave’/lose their inhibitions when its said from behind a screen:( I just scroll past or block content or people sharing that kind of stuff as I don’t want to spend my energy arguing with people who can’t or won’t see reason, or be civil about it. It’s ok to disagree with stuff but don’t then move on to attack the person posting 😦

    • Thank you but its ok.. really I am good.. I agree.. I did not spend any extra energy on it.. it was started in and finished in about ten to twelve minutes.. I did do a number of.. what’s but it was not.. O my gosh, I feel personally “attacked” so much as.. this is crazy how its progessing.. and it was.. but I am glad it could also be shut down and removed.

      I would not be as ok.. if I have not had that control.. I would be fair more upset I think if I can had not been able to just delete it all..

  10. valbjerke says:

    Flip over any rock in the world and you’ll find a writhing mass of slime just waiting to ooze out and attack anything and anybody. I always wonder what kind of misery they have in their own lives that makes them lash out at the slightest notion that you might actually care about their opinion. 🙄 Love the ‘delete’ button these days. Rock on as usual 😊

  11. So tired of BS… more Hugs to you V

  12. Sheri says:

    I’m OK – You’re OK! I don’t embrace everything you do…because I’m OLD! Keep on the sunny side of life dear!

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