Always game to learn..

Untitled as of yet

I am not sure what I am going to call this little painting.. but I really like it.. I adore the many, many layers in it..  this is not a big painting.. but I have close to 5 hours into it.. while the photo does a ok job.. but there is a crazy amount of detailed work in this piece.

I ordered in some books to work though things over the winter..  Each book has a number of exercise’s in it. and I looking forward to learning them.. some I learn and never use because it will not “sound out to me” I know this.. but it does not matter..

Some I will learn and only use now and again when its needed in order to get a certain look.. or texture in maybe one or two painting over the whole year..

Other’s however will sing out to me.. and when I want to paint this or that.. I will have more way to do so.. I can reach out and try this style or that way..

I have a few favorite ways to do water but I am beyond excited work from the book that shows you 30 ways to watercolor paint water..  Awesome!

Hubby laughed at me,  I am totally focused on fall colors at the moment but I am excited to learn new ways to paint snow.. and winter tree’s..  Winter is coming.. but not yet.. right now.. its just coming into fall..

This is the next painting I am going to do.. a friend put it up on their facebook and I went.. o yes.. you are next..

It might be the start but I have never in my life ended up with the very same.. but its the starting point :)..  I like the yellow and the white birch trunks, with a touch of orange/red…  great lightening.. on the tree’s and the water.. not sure if I want the front plant growth or if I will remove that and or make it shorter..

The joy of having some control.. taking a blank sheet of paper and creating something from nothing.. with a number of things in my life at the moment, of which I have little control.. the fact that I get to choose what goes on the paper and at the same time, as its watercolor.. you must be brave and willing to let it flow to a certain point..

Hope you will enjoy imagining boating down that river with the fall colors popping all around you!


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2 Responses to Always game to learn..

  1. valbjerke says:

    I draw wildlife (carbathello pencils). Love calligraphy- want to get into doing some illuminating of letters/pages, do some surface carving/relief carving…..intending a large window in stained glass when I have time….169,000 words into a not quite finished novel (trying to kick out about 30,000 words)….
    Maybe it’s a ‘Val’ thing – I’m alway happy to see all your different talents. And yes – it’s nice to have ‘someplace to escape to’ when things get hectic and overwhelming. 😊

  2. Silver says:

    It’s a lovely picture – I do like your paintings so I’m sure it will look wonderful when you’ve painted it ^_^
    I am also a fan of learning – this year and the next will be about learning my new job but once that’s behind me I would like to do something called the CILIP certification – a step towards becoming a chartered librarian. For now I have borrowed a recipe called Tin Can Cook (mostly made from food in tins) and it’s already given me some ideas to try 😀

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