Great Pruning Workshop

Thank you Laura from Fine lines landscape and Design for a very interesting and informative pruning workshop.

I have a little sample video from the workshop, Laura is talking about what happens when you get two main leaders that form a V which is a weak spot on the tree.  You want a U which is very strong.

I will be showing you how to “create” a U in a future post and Video.  I will break down the main points into sections and show one main point as I prune each different kind of tree in my own yard.

We will be starting the plums this coming week, I need to get all the pruning done between now and the end of march and trust me when I say I have a good amount of pruning to do, however the falling down knee or more deeper is not my idea of fun.

I will be working with the hard fruits first and then moving over to the soft fruit bushes and then the canes after that in April and for some things right into may!

Today is the first day that it truly feels like spring, the sun has a amazing warmth to it and its plus 1.. now I know that plus 1 might not seem like much to you.. but trust me.. as cold as it has been, no wind, warm sun and plus 1 feels amazing today!

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5 Responses to Great Pruning Workshop

  1. Pamela Marston says:

    Great information Inwill ensuing this soon! I have a lot trees to trim also!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Widdershins says:

    What a great teaser video. 🙂 … nicely done. 🙂

  3. Margy says:

    Our weather is warmer than yours. I pruned my red currant and blueberry bushes in January. Good thing, I already see green leaves starting to emerge. – Margy

    • Hi Margy, I am zone 5 and I will be pruning my current and other fruiting bushes in the next two or three weeks, I need to have them all done by mid april. Its currently starting to snow again out there.. big flat fluffy flakes are floating by my window and a big mess of a green storm line is heading towards us on radar at the moment.

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