Cooking with Copper Pans

Last year we got some new Copper wear as a Christmas Present.  A big huge copper cooking square pan and a Copper Crisper with copper tray. I put them up and kind of forgot about them, I decided this week I would bring out the crisper tray to see if I could in fact crisp/cook the veggies with lots of flavour but without the extra fat I normally do.

It works out very well, the herbs added great flavour, the tiny bit of broth I had used as my liquid held up quite well with the veggies used.

This morning Hubby asked me to make Sunday Flapjacks on this snowy (very snowy) day and so I thought hmm.. that big square pan could cook four at a time,  it says its non-stick, lets give it a try..


  • Size -the square really allows you to make four nice size pancakes where I can only get 3 smaller in a very close in size rounded pan
  • Non-stick -for sure, these flipped and slide around perfectly, I did a nice dippy egg with nothing and it will take a touch of work to figure it out perfectly for timing but it was really good!
  • Heat- It was a beautiful even heat on this pan when cooking, I did not feel that there was any cooler spots, when you are making pancakes, you can easily find the spots that are not cooking cool and those cooking fast.
  • Weight- I normally use a cast iron pan and its has to be noted that the copper is by far lighter in weight.


  • The pancakes browned but compared to normal, the browning was spotty and it was by far a lighter golden in color.. they were beautifully cooked though but they did not look like my normal Pancakes would.
  • Handles heated up, so the handles have part covering and even they felt warm but the metal part of the handle that led to the covered part, I touched it and wow.. it gets really hot, its not copper either, it looks like a steel part, I would not want to handle this pot without mitts and I consider this a big old Con, honestly the point of having a nice long handle is so you can adjust without needing to always grab the gloves.

I did cook in the oven copper tray this week, I did a mixed veggie and it worked great, they cooked faster by almost 8 minutes over my normal glass pan and I did use a little broth but no fat and just some extra herbs on the veggies.  I was very pleased at being able to enjoy the veggies but being able to reduce the fat in regards to roasting the veggies.

I will keep trying this in regards to different types and will see if its worth its own post in the future.

Do you cook with Copper Pots? Do you use the new Cooper Non-stick? Have you tried the air crisper for the oven?




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7 Responses to Cooking with Copper Pans

  1. valbjerke says:

    I have an old set of copper bottom pots from an aunt (the kind with the Bakelite handles). Love them. The new non stick – my daughter has one – her biggest ‘pro’, her 15 year old can use it and not have food stick (like grilled cheese). I cook anything I don’t boil in cast iron – I’ve a huge collection of it – it’s old enough it’s non stick as well. I don’t know if I’d like the lack of ‘browning’ you describe.

    • ya, I didn’t much care for it either, however I was able to get a nice browning/crisp on the oven ones I made, so I do feel I like I should give it a bit more of a try, the non-stick part is important because hubby can not successfully work a cast iron in that regards, I can use the same pan and it works good, he does it and stick, stick.. so if the copper works for him, I will get a smaller “egg pan for him” in this style. I really prefer cast iron or covered cast iron 🙂 You know I should show more shuttle chef recipes as I do use it a fair amount as well.

  2. Nancy W says:

    I was given a beautiful copper pan when we were first married but I never used it! thank you for sharing your experiences with copper pans!

  3. Just judging by the colour of non stick inside, are these the type of pans you mean, FG?

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