Natural way to add Christmas Scents to your home.

Like many of us, I adore my house being filled with “Scents” of Christmas time! The scent of the spruce or pine, the scents we think of for baking, cloves, cinnamon..

We have Christmas oranges so all peels are saved to be used in this. A stick or two of cinnamon curls.

Add your choice of the greens, cedar trimmings, or spruce or pine..

Farmgals frugal tip!

Use your pickling spices, there is no need to pay the higher costs of the blends I have seen at the store.  Its perfect way to do it on the cheaper costs, I buy my pickling spices in bulk at a large discount. You will have bay leaf, black pepper corns, and of course cloves in your blend.

Put your fixings in a pot, fill with water and put it on simmer and other then checking it now and again to make sure its still got water, you are good to go.. if you want you can use a crock pot.

If you are going to be out of the house, turn it off, do not leave a working pot on the stove while you are out, please!

The perk.. everything in here is safe to be added to your compost pile at the end of the day!


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5 Responses to Natural way to add Christmas Scents to your home.

  1. Terry says:

    what a great idea. I can smell it already.

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  3. Sheri Zone 8b says:

    Not only can you make your house smell good but you can drink it as a tea.

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