Farmgal’s Christmas Journal December 2018

Dec 4th

Woke up to a sunny day. It was a cold one with a nasty wind if you were out in it.. but in the house, the warm sunlight poured in the windows. The horse’s parked themselves on the non-wind sun side of the barn and basked in the warmth.

Paris was down right frisky today, she seemed to love the sun big time! For such a little package she sure can express herself!

The mail lady pulled in and gave me a box which when opened was from Big Brother and Family in our house to house gift swaps. The girls are enjoying their Jelly Bean Advent gift but I have been told that they are not doing well on the sharing of them. Its my understanding that they helped pick out the gifts, which is so sweet and I am excited to see what we got when we open the gift box.

Worked on my soup, its one of those two day soups.. make the bone broth/slow simmer the smoke hock for hours and soak and then simmer the navy beans.. I will cool and remove a good amount of the fat from the soup before starting on part 2 tomorrow.

Baked a upside down Chocolate Pear Cake to give hubby something to take to work and snack on.

I keep looking at my fish tank and wondering if I could throw a few plants on the top of that water and grow some food.. lol I have seeds sprouting, I have trays of greens and more growing. If nothing else, when I do the water changes, I can use the fish water to feed the plants to give them a boost that way.

Today was 12 days after surgery for Miss Sofie so we took her stitches out.. she was good girl and purred while hubby petted her and I had it done in under a min or less. She is healing nicely, I know she will be very excited to get to come and go outside more.  It was sure easier then the trip to and back from the vets. I am so glad that my vet trusts me to do some of these little things.

Dec 5th

Good morning, Its lightly snowing again, its not to cold but the wind is bitter today. I got busy on the house stuff, did bundle up and did extra dog run/training for the farm hounds.

Needed to make dog cookies today, running low.. Pumpkin was my choice.

Made a loaf of bread with enough extra to do something with it.. just not sure what I am going to make with it yet. More snow and move shoveling.. did a practise video or 4 trying to work on my speaking on camera. Practised some self care and gave my hair a egg yolk treatment after some outside work did the dishes I had saved so I could heat up my hands in the warm soapy water 🙂 You know winter has arrived when you get excited about doing the dishes lol

I am on day three of five of a “free” mini course challenge and so far I hate it.. well maybe hate is to strong of word.. While I am sure the lady doing the challenge is  nice in real life, she rubs me wrong like a cat being pet backwards LOL  Honestly if she talked in real life in the same way, I honestly would not be able to be more then a smile, nod and run like heck.

Now that does not mean that I am slacking.. I am doing the work, I am writing it out, I am working it, I am listening to her talking, giving up a crazy amount of my very limited data to listen to her prattle on in most cases. Its a lot of fluff and not nearly much grit..

However I will admit that the every now and again, I jot something down on my paperwork that I do think could be useful in the future. Given her goal is to make me want to hire her and pay a good amount of money, she has already failed with me.. I would never hire her.. but I will work the last two days and see what else I can glean.. No quitting now!

Dec 6th

Snow baby Snow.. Shovel Farmgal Shovel lol

I got my soup finished and canned up. Needed to put a new ring in the canner but the old one certainly earned its way. I worked on the farm, got a delivery from Canada Post, my new kitchen wallpaper border arrived as did the new kitchen door handles. Sometimes a  bit of new paint, a new border and handles is just what you need to update the look. We had done a lot of new stuff in the kitchen but the last time I painted the cupboards was four years ago and they needed a fresh coat and I decided there was to much brown.. so I added a big pop of color..

Sorry, you are going to have to wait till its done 🙂

Got two coats of paint on some and only one on others and I will need three to finish the job.

Dec 7th

What a grand day, got busy in the morning on regular chores and such.. I had headed to bed early and hubby had left the eggs for me.. Look what was waiting for me. Two new little wee pullet hens are starting to lay.. one is a green and one is light brown..

I had company arrive for lunch, I had made a lovely pork stew with dumplings and she arrived with fresh bread and yummy homemade bread crumbs. We had one of those awesome power girl days, where the idea’s flowed.

Picked up my new glasses, I will grab a photo in daylight for you soon. Had to drive all the way into the city to get to a shop that has a bathing suit in my size, cuz I am having a spa day soon! I have never been to a spa like this and I am quite excited to be honest!

WOW have the costs of bathing suits gone up.. I had to pay full price because the store removed the sales racks until after boxing day week! You could have knocked me over with a feather, all the sale items are boxed up and in the back.. they will have NO SALES RACKS for the Christmas season sales.

I have never seen a store do that and you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be writing them. So I did get a cute suit and I will find ways to wear the heck out it over the next couple years at that cost!

So excited despite the -2o plus weather we finally have clear sky’s tonight and we are having our first viewing on hubby’s new telescope. I hope that the view is worth the freeze LOL






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11 Responses to Farmgal’s Christmas Journal December 2018

  1. valbjerke says:

    I love using smoked hocks- I turn the beans into ‘pork and beans’ by adding a bit of molassss etc…..and can them in pint jars for hubby to take to work for lunch.

  2. Silveryew says:

    I too have found that especially out of season, finding anything that is a. suitable and b. flattering costs a fortune. I try to order things online now and click and collect at the store to try it on. If it doesn’t fit me I send it back.

  3. I LOOOOOVVVE! The idea of going to a spa. I would do that in a nano – especially with these cold days! I am freezing – soaking in hot water sounds divine!! Good for you. c

    • was up on sat and off the farm by 7 and not home till almost 11pm, the spa was a mazing, hot tubs, steam rooms, hot rock sleeping bed, cold pools dry saunas, salt pool, sea water temp, and more hours and hours of sweat and heat and hot water.. I loved the heated pool that over looked the city way below and watching the sunset, it was cold and even snowed on us at one point 🙂

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