Friday Rambles around the kitchen table


So come on in and grab hot coffee.. it’s a loaded campfire coffee this morning, that means very strong coffee with lots of sugar and milk in it.  The cold came back last night and burr out there today and even colder tonight.

The news has certainly given me way to much to ramble about this, but how to choose between them.. I swear today you could throw a dart blindfolded and hit something that makes you go WHAT?

Lets go with a hot topic this week! Baby its Cold outside!

So this song was written in a very different time then we live in, it was a time when a good girl could not stay even if she wanted to..  It was written by a husband and wife team who sang it back and forth at parties.

This week it was banned from the airwaves by all three major media networks in Canada, effectively removing it from the Canadian radio. The reason for this ban, it’s not longer a song that can be on air due to the Metoo movement.

Now the big issue that I keep hearing about is What’s in this Drink and No, No, No

What’s in this drink?  At that time in history, saying what’s in this drink was NOT asking if they put something in the drink! it meant.. Whoo.. this drink is hitting me now..

it was a common saying at the time in 40’s that meaning has changed in our times. If you listen to the song, she says to him.. well, just another half drink and he says put on the music babe.

Compare that to where we now!

Having girls getting plastic slips over their drinks to protect them from someone slipping something in.  Date rape is not something to be causal about! I think like most of us who are women, if we are being honest. Almost all of us have had a hand where we didn’t want it, a come on that was to pushy, and for a lot of us, at least one time or two times where things got ugly.

I get it, I do.. I read the song with fresh 2018 Me too eyes and I am not going to hide it.. I expect it would be fair to say that there could be trigger’s there for some.

If we took out everyone’s triggers, when it comes to the arts in all forms it would be a sad world we live in. I was reading one of my favorite authors new book and the scene where she takes out her wee babies box and hold’s her little shoes and tells the new loves of her life about the loss of her daughter triggered me so hard, I was a wreck..

I finally had to go get my own box’s out and hold cloths, shoes, look at little hands and feet pressed in plaster and cry it out..

Triggers are nasty, messy things and they can just be waiting to pop up and turn us on our heads. So I say again, I respect that this song COULD be an issue for some.

The slippery slope comes in when the powers that be “protect” us from choice.. after 40 years, nope, we will ban that song from the radio waves to protect you..

Wait!! WTF

That’s not protecting us!

That’s taking away our choice, that is taking away our voice to choose.. I have songs I will not listen to..(have you heard some of the things in rap, metal or even some of the new country songs these days) I can turn the radio off, I can choose to not own or play that CD, I can choose to change the channel.

When you remove it, you are removing my ability to choose!

This is a music example of a book banning!

O don’t worry folks, it’s still available, it’s just banned from the public space!  I remember fighting AGAINST this in the 80’s.. when they banned this book or that book from the school, from the public library. Its available but not in a public space.. sounds way to close to me!

Here is what I say.. STOP IT!

They wonder why we are up in arms over this choice, they wonder why we are fighting back, they wonder why we are making a big deal out of it..


I will continue to listen to this song on my Christmas CD’s I counted and I have ten of them that have this song on it.. It’s a catchy song when listen to with half an ear, I still think it’s of a romance song going back and forth between two willing people who want to be together where its only what “outside” people thoughts or gossip is the only thing that stops them from coming right out and just having a fun night. (it was the 40’s folks.. a good girl did NOT spend the night with her boyfriend alone)

I worry that this is only the tip of the iceberg, what will be the next painting, book, movie or song that will be “white washed/removed/blocked/banned” to protect us from our history.

Our History books show time and again, that this type of thing is a VERY slippery slope and it tends to lead to far more issues than it cures.

So I am going to keep an open mind here, I promise to really think about anyone answers, do you think that items that are considered part of the “arts” should be hidden if they no longer match our “current” views?





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20 Responses to Friday Rambles around the kitchen table

  1. homeandharrow says:

    I didn’t know they banned it in Canada! We still hear it down here in the US, but I have to admit that I always cringe when I hear it. I like the song, but it definitely is from a different time! That said, I agree it shouldn’t be banned. It’s always a slippery slope when that happens.

    • Hi HH. I can understand that there is a that cringe factor to it despite the lovely sound to the song itself. Its very telling that it only took three company’s in our country to say.. banned to effectively remove it from the airwaves. So many channels controlled and owned by so few these days.

  2. valbjerke says:

    My son had a post on his FB yesterday-
    2011 – 50 Shades of gray sells 125 million copies.
    2018 – Baby it’s Cold Outside is offensive.
    Enough said 🙄

      • valbjerke says:

        I totally get the ‘me too’ movement….
        I’ve worked in a totally male dominated environment for 25 years….people have asked me how I deal with it (its beyond the pale sometimes). I’ve always said ‘if you can’t stand the heat….’
        Still – no woman should be subject to unwanted attention, harassment, fear….
        On the flip side – banning a song as a result of the ‘me too’ movement? Most men I talk to about this say they’re getting more and more afraid to blink in case it’s taken the wrong way. Personally I think the thought police are making a mockery of the movement. (There, got that off my mind 😬)

      • Glad you came back and got that off your mind! I feel the same, I have worked a number of times in area’s where I was the only female on shift.. There were times where I got into it with a few guys over the years but the truth is while I did let some things slide when they were talking to each other that I would not have let slide in the same way if I was actively in the talk.. most of the guys where stand up, hard working, honest as the day was long.. sure there were bad apples but they tended to not last long and I have worked with women that were just as good and just as bad. I do agree on the flip side.. last year a male friend of mine was explaining that a female co-worker was having a rough day and was crying and he wanted to give her a hug but he had to stop, ask her if she wanted one, and when she nodded, he said, I am sorry I need your to out loud say I can hug you, she did and he carefully and gently hugged her at just the moment a fellow female co-worker came round the corner and went WHOA, he explained and handed her off.. it made him nervous and the crying female must have felt the same way, because she said, he asked and I said yes, nothing bad happened etc.

        Sad that we have gotten to the point that you can’t offer comfort without express verbal permission given.. I know that is the new PC of making sure its ok.. but to hear that worry in that gents voice really hit me hard.

      • valbjerke says:

        I hear you. And this politically correct business has seeped into every area of life including mine. Last year, in a bank – I drew a total blank on the name of a lady I had spoken to a week earlier (a manager) and I needed her to deal with some paperwork. The teller asked me ‘what does she look like?’ I actually stood there mute for a moment – I didn’t want the first thing out of my mouth to be ‘well she’s black’. Or ‘dark’ and I didn’t want to say ‘east Indian descent’ or maybe ‘Nigerian’ ….. good god. Noting the teller was of similar complexion – I finally said ‘well she had beautiful skin like yours, and long dark hair past her shoulders’.
        It would be nice if we could all just damn get along.

      • Oh you are hitting on SO MANY good points today, Val Bjerke!!
        And speaking of getting along, to me at least, the old “do unto others” Golden Rule is still exactly that; )

      • did you know there is a new dating app that you can download now that folks hooking up can use so they are clear on what can happen, what can not happen, and that they need to sign/confirm that they were willing going in and that it ended within the rules..

      • valbjerke says:

        God no – good think I’m not looking for a date 😳

    • Enough to say the neoCons (who actually treat others like crap, as I’m seeing it:/) are all too often making life ridiculously restrictive.

  3. Sandy ONeill says:

    Very well said. We need to use our common sense.

  4. grammomsblog says:

    Excellent post! I clearly remember the banning of the Rolling Stones’ song “Satisfaction” in the early 1960s – it only made everyone want to hear it even more

  5. I think this song – or any writing, for that matter – ought to be viewed IN CONTEXT. As you said, this was the 1940’s and what was considered allowable behaviour differed vastly from today.
    “Hey, what’s in this drink?” was in reference to how much booze it contained, as in it was twice as strong (and likely a double shot) instead of a normal 1 or 1 1/2 oz single.
    Pretty tame stuff, when left in context; )

  6. Widdershins says:

    I read an interesting take on this song the other day … that when you actually listen to all the reasons why she can’t stay, each and every one is about someone ‘slut-shaming’ her for wanting to stay…. her father will be ‘waiting at the door’ … her maiden aunt’s ‘mind is vicious’ (I think that’s the line)… etc. No matter what she does, she’ll be judged by that puritanical patriarchal definition of what a woman is and isn’t supposed to do. It’s no wonder she resorted to the ‘what alcohol (not a rufie!) is in my soda water?’ in order to be able to enjoy an evening with the lad of her choice.

    And as for the banning of it? I sometimes think Canada is turning into a country of pearl-clutching, judgmental, holier-than-thou, wankers.

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