Making Candy Cane Bark for Holidays

Making different kinds of Chocolate bark is so easy for the holidays, good for snack tray or a small bag made up for a stocking stuffer, or as part of a host gift. or you can make a favorite and leave it bar form for the kids to break apart in the bag themselves!

White chocolate melting chips were gotten at the bulk barn, one of the best places to get all your kinds of melting chocolate chips from as well as a huge selection of choices to make your bark with. in this case crushed candy cane.

It seemed fitting to make a dried Cherry and Almond bark next, this one is very popular, also can use cranberries instead of cherry to cut the cost some.

Simple and easy to make, can even send your guest home with a little gift bag of a mix of white, milk and dark chocolate barks.

I used a serving tray with different sizes, I made the candy cane one long and thin bark and I made the other two loaded with dried cherries and almonds and made it twice as thick. Pick your tray be it a loaf pan, a pie pan or if push come shove, just make a mold out of your tin foil as long as it’s on a pick up board, plate.

The joy of making your own bark is you pick the kind of chocolate, you pick the filling, and you pick the thickness of the end product.. it’s all about what you like..

Melt your chocolate in a pot, bowl over top a pot of water or if you microwave, slow short bursts of heat and then stir till it’s all melted..  Please remember to get melting chocolate for this type of project, it just makes your life so much easier.

Pour over top.. shake your tin to settle the chocolate and then put in the freezer or fridge, in my case I put it out into a snow bank on one of my lawn chairs to freeze up.. Once its cooled and hardened back up, it will peel off the edges and be ready to just turn over.. Then you can cut it.. I like to cut it in half or thirds and then into triangles, it will break off uneven but give your nice looking pieces.

This is a great kids project as they can help pick out the type of chocolate an what goes in it 🙂


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