Friday’s Around the kitchen table.

Grab a coffee. make a tea, come sit down and join me at the kitchen table today.

There was a saying that my mom told me for many years, heck she still does..

Mrs. Panco used say.. “Come in.. Come in, Lots of coffee, not much bread..” Mrs Panco was my grandmothers friend, who owned farm down the way from theirs.

As I have listened to the news this week, listened as the scientists say changes must be made now and over the next 12 years or else. As I hear about the storm that has hit down low in the states, in an area that had not had any chance of recovery since the last storm three weeks ago.  As I hear about the weather related issues world wide..

As I listen to the local news talk about the fact that at 3 weeks, the folks that are giving their time to the recover effort due to our (six, the information and damage grew since my last post) of tornado’s that came down in that big storm in my own area of the Ottawa Valley.

As I dealt with a reader(and I use that term loosely) who decided to “spam” my comment section about my lifestyle choice, mainly eating meat.. but who went right off the deep end as they went from the more standard writing in regards to animals have feelings to death threats and some really creative ones for me and my loved ones.  Sorry dear readers, that is why my comment section is still moderated..   I was never so glad that none of that mess made it to the blog comment section, delete/mark as spam.. Repeat.

I picked pinecones with hubbies help for the cutest little fall project to share with you, I worked and created new recipes to share, I am excited about working with fellow bloggers to give a “collective” blog post next week. I have moved though my days in a normal way..

But deep in my mind its been mulling, its been stirring.. and I am breaking the rules for a blog (stay on topic, haha, when do I ever follows rules perfectly).. I am getting personal, I am getting a bit political. All things that will no doubt see my reader numbers go down just like posting C5’s did.

None the less.. it’s going to be a F-it Friday post..

“Come in, Come in.. Lots of Coffee.. Not much Bread”

What did that mean.. well it meant, we welcome you to our home, our farm as we understand its important to be part of the community, we offer you a hot drink but we have little food.. we can give you a little but don’t ask for more, please.. it would hurt us if we gave you more as we have little.

See.. I know that is what it really meant.. but it means more to me these days..

What are “we” as a group of people who are living right now! and those that will be working together, living together, while dealing with the coming future that is staring us right in the face..

Are we going to say.. Come in, Come In..

As a country? As a province? As a political party? As a community? As a person?

Are we going to say..  Lots of Coffee

Will we be there, offering a hot drink? A warm Blanket? or a shelter?  or are we going to be circle the wagon’s? Build the walls?

Can we find a way to meet in the middle, can we do what is right while still holding the line? and just how will we be judged for it? in the future.

Lots of coffee.. in a time and place where we sell our water to company’s that sell it back to us at hundreds of times more in plastic bottles, that tell us “water is not a human right”

Lots of coffee… in a time and place where algae blooms are covering massive amounts of our great lakes at times in our year.

Lots of Coffee.. in a time and place where there are places where collecting “rain” water is being made illegal as its owned by the government.

Lots of Coffee.. in a time and place where my local county is watching to see what will happen up the way county on if they are going to be able to place water usage trackers on private farm wells.. so they can send you a bill for the water you use on a private owned and run well.

Not much Bread..

Not Much Bread.. Such a lie.. and Such a truth all in one..

Not Much Bread if you don’t have the money to buy it, to store it..  Trust me for the 1 percent.. It’s not a matter of let them eat cake.. they are far more aware of thing now. They know what they are doing.. I know that is a hard one to swallow.  Stick in our throats, I know it does in mine but say it again.. THEY KNOW what they are doing!

Not much bread… because we throw it away at the end of the day.. its starting to change, France has made it illegal to throw out useable food from stores, they must direct it to either people in need or livestock. But in my country.. so much waste, so much food thrown out.

Not much bread… Do you even want to eat the bread? Don’t snarl at me on this one.. I know, I know.. I had someone I love sit at my table and look me straight in the eye and say, I will buy the X food because its cheaper..  The needs for now out way what the future will bring.

Not much bread.. Flip bread to Meat/milk/eggs.. they say we must lower what we eat by 90 percent, we must eat more beans/pea/lentil’s  As a gardener and a farmer this makes me growl.. I grow these beans, pea’s and lentil’s. I know how much land, care and water they require. I also raise backyard hens and I know what they need to give me the eggs, the very eggs they tell me that I should not have anymore.

Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water..  No one wants to admit that small farming, small holding, mixed farming has a place in this.. but that is a different post on a different F-it Friday.

Not much bread.. not true on our farm, in my home, or on my table at this time..  however I know that is not true already for millions in the world, 38,000 in my closest local city and by the hundreds in my small local towns. They already struggle..

Not much bread.. Will there be a time when that is a truth here?

Its possible, I can’t grow wheat on the farm very easily..  perhaps someday, I will say..

“Come in, Come in.. Lots of Hot Tea and not much Bean/Potato/Apple/Rhubarb/Squash.”

My coffee cup is empty and I am just a little bit sad but also feel better for having let it out, for having the will to share.. and now the urge to get up and do fills me.. So that is what must happen.. time for me to do..

Bless you all that made it to the end of this post 🙂



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12 Responses to Friday’s Around the kitchen table.

  1. Trudy says:

    Your Fudge-it-Friday has a nice ring to it – I am a little sad and hopeful at the same time after reading this post; however, I do enjoy your posts and look forward to reading about your world and your take on the world. 🙂

    • Thank you Trudy. for letting me know how you felt about the post. I hope folks will be ok with me sharing a bit more on this subject on the blog, I will do my best to link it to homesteading subjects.. they are blended and connected for me in so many ways. I will do my best to stay honest on what is happening on the blog, why we make the choices we do and our successes and failures. I have always wanted to show the many sides on the blog 🙂

  2. valbjerke says:

    I too moderate my comments….it’s unfortunate that I can’t decide who can ‘follow’ me – every time I post I get spammed with likes and follows from people running blogs that are trying to sell hair care products or fashion from Europe. 🙄
    I hear you on the state of things these days….I sometimes turn off the news, not because I can’t listen to it, the stupidity, the cluelessness- it’s that the news kicks me into ‘self protection’ mode. I promptly grab my list of things that need to be done and get at it – aware always that we need to be prepared. The natural gas pipeline explosion north of us – everybody from Chetwynd to Seattle was told to limit useage, showers, turn down the thermostat…..gas prices at the pump are up to 1.69 a liter all of a sudden. We had the gas line removed from our property when we bought it years ago. I simply went out and split another load of wood.
    It’s difficult as you say to find a middle ground in all the nonsense. People always tell me ‘when things all go to hell we’ll just come to your place’. I always say ‘no – don’t. I’ll be taking care of my own family’. I may be considered harsh and uncaring – but I simply can’t help everybody – especially people who intend to rely on people like you and me to save them – when they’re unwilling to make an effort themselves.

  3. Bev says:

    Take a deep breath, exhale and relax. Look around your home and farm and feel the peace that surrounds you. I never have understood people who can criticize ones beliefs and you know they would absolutely not like it if you did the same to them. We are seniors who have raised everything all our life, that includes meat. It is done with reverence. For so many years we have heard, “why would you want to do that?” Most people are so removed from their food source. Someone else does it all for them. Just go into the market and get it. We are blessed with good health and we know that is because we know what we are eating. It is so true, the things going on in our world today is scary. What will really happen to everyone if they don’t know how to feed themselves. To be able to take care of their families. We so enjoy your blog. Keep on sharing. You inspire and make others strive for the farming life. Really enjoy your recipes, too. Keep right on moderating, 🙂

    • Thank you Bev. I will take that deep breath, I will look around and remember just how grateful I am to have my hubby, my hounds and purrpots, my home and my land filled with gardens and critters. I think when we have that sense of peace on our own little spot, sometimes its ever more jolting when we stop and focus on what is happening in the big old world.

      I am so glad you enjoy the blog and I will keep sharing 🙂 Have a good night

  4. Al Thoma says:

    I read and love your blog. Don’t change it or be intimidated by the ignorant or trolls (are they the same?). I came to you through C-5 and live on a little homestead/farm in Oregon where I am trying to become more sustainable over time (do we have much time left?). I am in awe of your growing/canning and homesteading skills, keep up the good work.

    • Thanks so much Al, I will keep blogging, and I can’t see myself changing to much at this point, some flexablity is required. Congrats on your homestead, and everything we do now, learn now, practise now, figure out how to do it is a very good thing for whatever future brings…

  5. Some people are just messed up. Sorry to hear that you are dealing with one. Thanks for the coffee and the bread was delicious.

  6. Widdershins says:

    An excellent post. 🙂 … we can’t afford to be apolitical anymore. To be ‘nice’, to ‘not make waves’. The insanity will not stop if we ask politely … so keep on speaking in your wonderful clear voice. 🙂

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