Garden Review 2018 -Willow Creek Farm

We had an AMAZING garden experience this year! More bountiful by far than previous years, which we had felt were very bountiful themselves. Gardening is one of my favorite parts of homesteading. It is very satisfying to grow your own food. You put in all the hard work and hope in the spring, tend it through the summer, and then more hard work of harvesting and putting it up and seeing your dreams come to fruition. Then all winter you get to enjoy the fruits of your labors! It is a beautiful cycle.

via Garden Review 2018

How lovely to read this great overview on the garden year at Willow Creek Farms Blog! I love sharing blog posts from folks that I have been reading for years 🙂  I am so pleased that they had a wonderful garden year.  Her post started with such joy and yes.. it is a beautiful cycle.

So pop on over on the link and have a read on how their garden year did?

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  1. Thanks for sharing our joy!

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