Jack.. JACK!.. hmmm

We had a break out of the big barn.. Jack our very stinky in rut buck got out of his area in the big barn (trust me.. you do not want a in rut buck stinking up, well where ever he is..

The female goats are in the little barn, far from his stink..  None the less, he got out and then …


Now I  have always said if a critter is not happy with their farm.. they CAN always find a way out.. if they are happy with you, their herd, their home.. they will not try and leave.. they will “choose” to not find those weak spots lol

Well Jack said.. HORMONES RULE and off he went..

We found him missing when it was already dark and so we walked in the dark with flashlights and then we drove around.. nothing.. so we put a female out in with the sheep flock and we set the alarm for the breaking of dawn to see if he came home..

NOTHING! back to driving, back to walking, back to calling..

NOTHING.. we are now about six plus hours into looking for him.. Jason is still out looking for him.. I have headed into the house to make coffee..

When what do I spot.. a wee little white car whipping in my driveway.. out the door I go.. Hi, any change you are here because you have my GOAT?

Why yes.. he is X up the road at the barn.. Thank you, Thank you.. Call hubby back, grab feed bucket, grab lead ropes and off we go.

We get there and nothing.. (they did not try and catch him, just took his picture and came to see if we were missing him) so we make the “call” Hey Sheepieeeee and rattle the bucket.. out of the woods he comes..

Right up for a treat and a horn grab, lead on.. into the back of the truck we go as I pray.. DO NOT PEE IN THE BACK OF THE TRUCK!

He was so happy to be home.. you could just see the ah.. I don’t think he liked getting lost anymore then we liked having a missing goat!

Back home again, Home Again!

Thank you for farming folks that don’t panic when a critter shows up, they just go, who is closest that has X critters and come to see if you are missing one LOL

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2 Responses to Jack.. JACK!.. hmmm

  1. Kodi Goetzinger says:

    Oh, yes, the missing critter. Such a panic! Our boars were the worst, though. Except for that time the nearby golf course guy came steaming up the driveway because the flock of sheep had gone that far! oh dear, sheep stuffed in every available vehicle. Thank goodness they were all pets! I thought later I should charge him for green upkeep, lol.

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