Grape Jelly

Got the last of the Grape Juice Canned and then made the years supply of Grape Jelly, it will be use a bit as jelly but mainly it will be used in sauces with meats or glazes.  Well, and in thumb print Christmas cookies 🙂

I love the foam off the jelly when you make it.. its sticky goodness and of course the jelly that sets up under it, is the first taste of the finished product as well.

Its the most basic recipe you can get, follow the Certo Box.. five cups of grape juice and seven cups of sugar and the Certo..  made me eight 80z jars of jelly plus a touch leftover.

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2 Responses to Grape Jelly

  1. bluestempond says:

    I made 3 big batches of grape jelly last year and thought they were all good, but two of them ended up as thick liquids. Very disappointing and hurt my pride as well.

    • O no, its never good when you go to get what you think is jelly and get syrup. At least with grape it can be used in a number of ways beyond pancake’s.. its such a great extra bonus to sauces when it comes to meat. I am always so surprised at how many Eurapean recipes will call for half a cup of grape jelly or current jelly to be mixed into the drippings in a pan for a sauce to go over the meat at the end. It is good 🙂

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