Introducing Henry

Henry is a seven year old fixed male farm raised barn boy kitty that was looking for a new home. He is used to other kitties, lived with two farm dogs, chickens and goats.  He is one of those lovely dog-cats that follow you around, talking to you and helping you by keeping a eye on you while you garden or do chores.

We had meet Henry a couple times over the years while visiting the farm he came from and when I got a private message asking if there was any chance we might have room for him on our farm, I talked to hubby and we both said yes.

Henry traveled home very well sharing time between his crate and my lap.. and once he got home to the farm, we are following a local farm cats rescue program on how to slowly and carefully introduce him to the current cats and farm. So for the next little while he is in a big pen with a chair (so we can visit and love on him) a bed, a litter box (that he uses) a nice window perch/sleeping area and while the bottom half of the pen is solid, the top half is wire so he can see out, smell and watch the other kitties come and go..  There is a thing on the other side, so they can sit and see each other.

They recommend a full week in the pen and then slowly open the door while you visit and let them explore and see how it goes, it can take up to another week of that before everyone is fully settled.

Henry is reported to be a very good hunter in the gardens of mice, moles and such, that is always a good thing around here. I personal adore that he has extra toes on the front.. seven toes on each front paw pad.

Its also a big bonus that he came already altered, up to date on his health needs and had been recently dewormed.

Well, I have had a touch of the flu over the past two days.. I am hoping that with the last 48 hours behind me that I will have turned the corner. I have things to do 🙂

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4 Responses to Introducing Henry

  1. Tuncay D. says:

    never knew cats can have 7 toes, interesting. could you post a close up picture of a paw?

  2. Margy says:

    That’s a wonderful thing to do, rescue cats. I used to have a cat but after twenty-three years he passed. We move around to much to make it a settled life for another kitty, but I would love to have one some day. – Margy

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