Zucchini Relish Recipe

While you can finely chop everything, if you have a food blender or a chop it or if you are really old school use the large setting on your grater.

This is one of those older two step-two day recipes, written in the red book as coming from Mrs Benson. I am not sure who is was, most likely someone from church or perhaps the women’s farmers group.  I am not even sure when this recipe first came about as its been copied from book to book 🙂

  • 12 cups of grated Zucchini (if you are using small, can use the whole thing, if bigger, clean out the guts of it, leave the skin on.)
  • 4 cups of grated white onion
  • 2 cups of grated peppers (you choice on color but red will make it the prettiest)
  • 1 small piece of grated horseradish (approx. 2 tbsp.)

Make this and put in a glass bowl with 1/4th cup of canning salt, mix in and then cover and let sit overnight, drain the next morning well.

Into your large cooking pot, put the drained mixture about into your pot, add 3 cups of sugar and two cups of regular vinegar, 1 tsp of dried keens mustard powder and 1 tbsp. of freshly grated (if possible) nutmeg if not, use 1 tsp of dried nutmeg.

Bring to a boil and then drop it to a simmer.. it will take about an hour to a hour and half to bring it down to a the thickness of a good relish..

Prepare your 8oz or pint jars for water bath canning, it should make you between 4 or 5 pints of relish. Fill your jars, leaving a half inch head space and process for 15 min in water bath, cool for full 24 hours, wash your jars and into cool dark storage. will last you the full year if you don’t eat it all.

Its good on sandwich’s and excellent with all kinds of meats, also can be used as a salad base.. just mix it with some mayo and into a cabbage salad.. YUM!

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