Farmgal’s Loaded Pasta Sauce

I was asked to share my pasta sauce recipes and I make a few so there will be a few posts over the next weeks as I make my regular different batches. This is my loaded Pasta sauce and it DOES require using a Pressure Canner.  I will do a batch that will be water bath canning.

Farmgal’s Loaded Pasta Sauce

However to be fair most of my sauces do require a pressure canner. I have never tried to make this sauce into a recipe but I got asked for it on Twitter 🙂 So I made it like normal and then did my best how to figure it out to create it to be a bit more standard.

Having said that its a bit of a loose-goose recipe, Not the best recipes in a way for someone that is just starting out and it would NOT BE SAFE to be water bath canner.. on the flip side once we move over pressure canning, it does not matter so much that I am going to give general amounts because its still going to taste amazing and be safe.. Win-Win..

You need a very large pot.. this pot holds 12 quarts when full or 24 pints.  The measurements are going to be based on your pot so keep that in mind when you do this one


Start with 3/4 filled pot of raw pasta type tomato’s and start them on a simmer and cook down.. Take out extra tomato juice when you can easily just slip a cup in the side and skim it off.. I take at least half of the fluid out at that point from the tomato..


This will cook down to give you half a full pot of plain tomato and yes, you can skin them but I don’t, we are going to blend it and neither myself or Dear hubby mind the tiny bits of skin in the sauce so go with the way you like it..

Gut out the Zucchini but leave the skin on, I did two huge Zucchini’s (so six to eight normal size, 12 cloves of garlic, 12 med sized onions and 12 large peppers and one cup of dried basil, half a cup of seasoning salt, two rounded Tsp of black pepper, (use one and try it, 2 does give it some zip )

Now for the top half of the pot, we are going to add zucchini, onion, Garlic and Peppers in this case today, red peppers, Basil, seasoning salt, pepper. The above pot is loaded with all the goodness and now it needs to be cooked down.

Cook it down by about a 1/3rd, stirring fairly often at med heat, cook till everything is softened and the color of the sauce will change.

When you have get to this point, take it off the heat for a few minutes.. now you have the choice of moving it over in batches for a blender and take it as smooth as you want. I prefer to use a stick blender. I like to let it sit about 5 min after it comes off the burner and then I take my time..  Be careful! you do not want that boiling hot liquid to come up and hit you anywhere.

At this point, I will bottle it up into pint jars and into the pressure canner for 35 mins for pints and 55 min for quarts per my canning book at ten pounds for my sea level, check your book to see if you need to make adjustments in weight or time for where you live 🙂


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