Zucchini Gummy’s Rasberry Flavour

Ok, so I read about this idea a year or two ago on Commonsense Blog and so full credit goes to her for this one 🙂 I have included a link to her detailed and lovely post.


However she used bought fruit juices, I wanted to try it with 0 mile juice, so in this case I did it with raspberry juice. I have frozen all my raspberries this year and so when I thawed out a bag of them, I used the juice to make these Gummies and the fruit in baking. Worked like a trick indeed.

Peel, gut and dice up a large overgrown Zucchini and then cover it with juice and I let it soak overnight in the fridge. Then cook in the juice till clear, which took about 40 min for this batch. You can add a bit of sugar if you want.. I did not.

Its still on the firmer side but it will be softened and cook to the look in the photo above. Strain it out.. save the juice for drinking, its still yummy.. and place the pieces onto drying trays.

Dry them till they are just tacky.. They will be dried with just a touch of tack and when you try them, they will have a gummy like texture. Below.. getting there  but not quite.. keep going 🙂

At the point above , I flipped them, I know you don’t have to.. but I did it anyway.



Now we are talking.. I think this photo will show that the finished ones will have these lovely dark edges, this seems to be the sign that I like that its right there.. dried but still gummy..  Now is when I did use a touch of sugar to keep them all from sticking.

The finished product.. it was fruity, it was gummy, it was gone in a heartbeat.. tried by four folks and all liked it.. no one could tell what it was made of.  Side note.. six cups of raw made me pretty much 2 finished cups worth.

So if you ware looking at a counter full of those big zucchini’s … give this one a try for a nice little treat 🙂

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