Short but sweet storm passed over the farm today..

The heat is very high.. it was 45c with the humdix, we worked in starts an bits in the gardens, picking gooseberries, some ground cherries, black current, cherry tomato’s and fresh baby peas.

late afternoon saw the thunder roll in and we got 1/8th of a inch of rain in about ten min or so.. just over 60 gallons plus collected off the roofs and into the rain barrels. The road was so hot that after the rain, it just steamed afterwards..

The sun came out right after 🙂 It was lovely for about a hour afterwards, so worked in the gardens.


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7 Responses to Short but sweet storm passed over the farm today..

  1. kage2015 says:

    Wish we would get a rain shower.

  2. bpangie says:

    Nice! We had some crazy wind yesterday; it blew half the popcorn over!

    • We have a number of branches down and a few things blown around the yard, but I have checked the gardens and everything is still up.. Will the corn be a loss or still up enough to continue growing and aging out?

      • bpangie says:

        Hope so. The squash was growing in and on it and the wind and rain just pushed it over about half way up. Should be good though. I hope… Ha!

  3. Margy says:

    We’ve had rain a few days each week. It’s been great for the garden and forest. – Margy

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