Happy Canada Day

Hi Folks, things got crazy busy on the farm and between the work, heat and a few days off being sick, i have been off my writing game..

But i have photos for you and a video or two to share..

Peas do not bolt lol but they do react to the heat, thankfully they are still holding well..

We are taking off our first cherry tomato’s for the house now.. the first bean rows are climbing well and in bloom now. The broad beans are in full bloom as well. The second pea planting is two weeks behind these ones.

Potatoes doing well. spring greens are done and radishes are in bloom now. The Bean Teepee beans are starting to put out climber vines now and the strings are on the bottom row but no flowers yet, however the peppers are producing

photo from last week.. will get a new one this week 🙂 got the center mowed and cleaned up, the edging got done and so  it will hold any rain there giving it more time to sink into the ground.

The fruits are mixed, red currents excellent, black currents poor, strawberries are getting close to done, we have put up 66 cups of sliced sugared prepped ready to go strawberries into the freezer.. apples look good  the black chokeberry is loaded as is the high bush cranberry and elderflowers clusters show great promise for their size this year but the winner this year is the raspberries

Never seen them loaded like this before but we need rain to make the crop come though!

We have new clutches of chicks, new ducklings hstched, we have new rabbit kits born and we have new cross fencing up. Bojangle’s figures this line is a hot line and he staying far back in case he is right. We now have fencing up on those posts but we still have more to do yet on this project.

Well, i had better get back to it.. Everyone have a great day!




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7 Responses to Happy Canada Day

  1. Candy says:

    Our garden is doing good since we have had horrible hot weather. All the early goodies are done and will have to wait for late August to be planted again. Having to water a lot.

    • Hi Candy, Glad to hear your garden is doing well, I hear you on the watering. I will do a limited amount of replanting over the next two weeks but like you the push will be in the first part of aug for the fall garden season. If things stay on target, each other hot summer, we also had mid aug rains and fall rains come with a long extended fall growing season for the cooler crops. I am hopeful we will have the same thing again this year

  2. Array says:

    My potatoes growing in containers hate the heat. They wilt rapidly even with enough water. How do you use your red currants? This is my first year growing them and I have a fairly good crop. I tried eating one but it was way too sour. – Margy

    • Hi Margy, I can see potato’s doing that, they like cooler roots when they can get it and naturally will grow in a such a way as to shade out most other plants around them when they can. Are the pots dark color? perhaps they could be moved to the shaded area for this higher heat or perhaps you could put something a white tarp around the pot’s to help reflect the sun heat off their rooting area?

      As for the red currents, I make juice, jelly or syrup with them, far to sour to me as well to eat them fresh, I have also dried them and used them in bakings, a little goes along way for flavouring.

      Let me see if I can find a link to my red current jelly on the blog for you 🙂 If I can’t find one, I will do one up this year to show how I do it, they do freeze well, so what I do is I pick as they get ready and freeze each day’s picking until the pickings are done and then I process only once.

    • As it turns out I have lots of recipes on the blog in regards to red currents 🙂 To many to share them all, so I will just share the link for the search page and you can pick what interests you 🙂


  3. I am deeply envious of your strawberries. This year, it looks like the saskatoons are the big winner. Every bush I see is laden with big juicy berries. I hope I get to them before the bears do! I hope you had a good Canada Day and I am glad you are feeling better.

    • i love saskatoons, added in four more bushes to the farm.. but hear you on the bears. if we do not get more rain, all those lovely started berries will not produce much.. we will see.. strawberries where smaller but great flavour, just harder on the hands for processing. I am feeling better but not good on this kind of more extreme heat

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