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Red Currents 2018

We have a truly lovely haul from our red current bushes with pounds of them coming off each mature bush, some of the bushes are smaller-younger that are not as many but the older ones are having a outstanding year! … Continue reading

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Indulgent Red Current Chocolate Cake Recipe

Indulgent, o yes! This Cake is Indulgent.. Make a nice chocolate Cake.. My mom’s one bowl Chocolate cake will do quite well, just make it into two round pans or you can make it in a smaller cake pan and … Continue reading

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Dried Red Current Pulp for Tea’s and Baking

The color and flavour on this years Red currents are outstanding.. I do love the Steam Juicer but I can not waste the pulp left over.. Thankfully my big nine tray dryer is on the job..  its a bit of … Continue reading

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Red Current Honey Garlic Sauce

The Current Crop is coming in this weekend and what a crop it is..  I am on my third full steam juicer load (which makes five to six cups of the most amazing Current juice, which once made into jelly, … Continue reading

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Red Current Season has arrived!

In 2010, I pinned down five branches off my two biggest red current bushes on the farm. they were planted as two year old potted red current from a local greenhouse our first year on the farm and I let … Continue reading

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Red Currents are needing daily picking now!

I should be putting some of these away for winter, I should be making some into fresh jelly, but I’m not.. Instead I am boiling this babies up and making fresh red current juice for the fridge, the house smells … Continue reading

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Red Current Jelly

What do you use your Red Currents for? Do you make Jelly, or do you make Juice? or how about Wine? Mix them in with other fruits to add a boost of flavor? This type of jelly is such a … Continue reading

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Red Currents-Making more plants

Happy Easter Weekend, I do hope that everyone is enjoying their long weekend and their family time. It is a blessed time of year! Finished prepping a new 16 by 16 four row bed and got it all planted out, … Continue reading

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How to reduce Potato Issue “Hollow Heart”

We have all done it, harvested our fall winter storage potato’s and they are looking really good. You get them out on time, you cure them properly and then you find this when you start to use them. Hollow Heart … Continue reading

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A new Layered Food Hedge Row

Hubby and I worked together today to put the next two layers into this new coming hedge row. We have been working on this 40 foot by approx. three foot bed for a while this spring.. first we have to … Continue reading

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