More heat!

Listening to the radio and in montreal as of this morning, 11 deaths that have the heat has played a role.. they are folks that have underlining health issues that are effected by the high heat..  The city (which is within a hours drive of my farm) is now sending folks from door to door to check on people in the city, asking everyone to check on those that live next door..  Yesterday they started their emergency heat plan.

In the link I put up on the top of the page that shares a number of new heat records that are set this week, many of them within an hour of the farm..  we are so grateful for our big old tree’s Sitting under their share, the temps drop down by at least 10 to 15 degree’s. If there is a breeze by the time it come though the mini forest behind these tree’s, the tree’s have cooler it off nicely..   I am rocking a nice farmers tan LOL

A fellow farmer wrote this on my facebook  “We didn’t get any of that rain 😦 just heard the thunder and could feel the humidity go up shockingly it was like breathing water.”

She is about 45 from our farm on her own, normally she gets more rain then myself as she is more towards the big St. Lawrence River, Where my farm is near the South Nation River which is not nearly as big.

They say we might get a slightly cooler Friday and then the heat is coming right back, we are collecting grey water in the house for watering use of plants.. there is a slight chance of rain on Friday, I will take any that I can get.

We will see how it goes, so far the pastures still grows well, (we are feeding out a small amount of first cut hay for extra “bulk” for the horse’s only) the gardens are holding and growing well.  One day at a time..

Gardening is all planning, working it and hope!

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