At the kitchen table..

I had a very productive weekend in a many ways but we also took time to sleep in, time to rest, this was something we both needed and while I didn’t get all the homework on my to do list done, I did get some done and all the needed things done.

This morning, the alarm went off and I was up and going, I felt a touch tired and sore, I have little tiny bruise’s all over my legs these days as I have little bangs while working the chores and more. Thankfully they heal fast which is good.

Called and booked the youngest purrpot on the farm in for her spay. I like my farm cat vet very much, he is also a great cow vet.

I was prepping for the farrier and in truth a touch worried as my boys were out of their regular trimming due to everything that had been going on health wise at the farm. Hubby had cancelled my last trim as I was sick and then we missed the next one and so we were two behind and the horse’s feet where showing a bit of overgrowth, one boy had some flaring showing and they all had some chipping showing.

I was all caught up and decided to stop for breakfast and coffee.. well that did not sit right and the next thing I knew I was having the flu effects (you know what I mean).. NOT good..

I was I can do this! and explained nicely just in case I needed to hand over the lead rope and run for the bushes. Thankfully the boys were both outstanding in getting the job done and it turns that thanks to them getting regular care, it was not nearly as bad as it could be.. this trim and the next will bring us back to normal.  That was great to hear and we are moving to our shorter trimming between times as we are coming into riding season.

After that I headed down for a rest, which I clearly needed as I was out for four hours like it was five min. I made a pot of rice, something bland for myself and something for hubby to put leftover stew on top of for a slightly different meal for him tonight.

Ah, Rice.. you are a great meal extender and I have to admit that I adore my rice cooker. I really wondered when I got it as a gift from hubby..  If you like rice and you have ever thought, hmm.. worth it..  it does more then rice as well, you can do all different kinds of grains with it.

Nursing a big cuppa of chia tea and early to bed tonight that’s for sure. Tomorrow is a new day!

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2 Responses to At the kitchen table..

  1. Widdershins says:

    May the cuppa and rest work wonders for you. 🙂

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